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You will find out: The first thing you should know is that there is a “right answer” to the “what is your management style” question.

That’s because this is what’s known as a “behavioral” interview question.

There are only “better” and “worse” methods relevant to given situations.

Want more common interview questions and best answers? Management style is the way that supervisors or leaders interact with subordinates or team members.

An interviewer could ask you to describe your management style even though you have no experience.

Or if you’re an entry-level candidate the interviewer might ask to describe the management style you prefer. The career path for the position you’re applying for could lead to a management position in the future. The interviewer might want to know something about your general leadership style.And to deliver a correct response to a such a question you need to give an example of past behavior.So, when the interviewer asks you to describe your leadership style what do they want? They want a brief success story about a time when you led or managed a person or team.Now, you may be the rare and lucky candidate whose chosen company details what they want in a manager.If that’s true for you, stick with things that reflect the managerial style they prefer.The interviewer asks, "What is your management style? That’s because they want the best candidates with the most potential. So, why should you care about common interview questions for managers? You are here because interviewers like asking leadership questions regardless of your experience.My supervisor asked me to turn the experience into a workshop for others.Later, the project won an industry award that made the team very proud. The “what is your management style” question isn’t only about management.So they ask: Because the closest you’ve gotten to management was as captain of the cheerleading squad. Even if you’re not interviewing to be a manager, you might get this question.And this article will tell you how to prepare for it.


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