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It is advisable to make the write-up less bland and repetitive by connecting the 7 ideas using different transition sentences, words or phrases.It is considered a literal sin to re-use a transitional sentence or phrase.If it is non-existent, strained or forced consider improving the transition by either rearranging those paragraphs or simply clarifying your logic in a few extra words.

Your purpose or main idea may even have shifted by the end of your draft.

The decrease in film and theatre arts programming in public schools, especially in high poverty and majority POC districts, results in fewer opportunities for children of color to develop interest and experience that could later lead to contributions in the film industry.

Transitions create flow by linking ideas and sentences.

Writers can create transitions in a couple of ways: (1) using words like additionally or however to begin sentences and (2) repeating key terms or phrases between sentences. They help guide the reader between sentences, showing the reader how to easily get from one sentence to the next, just like a bridge can bring you from one side of the road to the other safely and easily. Take this sentence: Online education, which means education in an online format where you are not face-to-face with your teacher or classmates, can help a student become more proficient in their area of expertise or field, which in turn can also help a student show leadership skills and receive a promotion or recognition for his/her good work Whew, that’s a long one.

It is a good way of relating a paragraph, idea or concept with a preceding one.

Good examples are words such as: ‘accordingly’, ‘consequently’, ‘therefore’, ‘hence’, ‘otherwise’, etc. Most students end up scoring lower than they expect to as a result of using improper transitional phrases to connect major pointers in their essay arguments.

Both the unconnected idea and the construction impede progress, and the reader, like a driver, must take extra time and effort to try to figure out a way to get around the construction.

But, remove the road block—the idea that doesn’t fit—and this paragraph?

If you are not comfortable with using traditional transitional phrases or just aren’t sure whether they are logically or semantically correct, you can switch them up with conjunctive adverbs.

As the word suggests, conjunctive adverbs are ones that are chiefly used to co-join two or more ideas in an essay.


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