Makefile Variable Assignment

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Visit Stack Exchange I have a Makefile that has a variable that needs to have a default value in case when variable is unset or if set but has null value. I need this, as I invoke make inside a shell script and the value required by the makefile can be passed from the shell as $1.

If these were single colons, an warning would be printed and only the second set of commands would run.

4.12 Example requires: blah.c Generating prereqs automatically This makes one small makefile per source file Notes: 1) , with escaping.

Other macro languages you may be familiar with are the C preprocessor, allows you to define a shorthand term for a longer sequence of characters and use the shorthand in your program.

The macro processor will recognize your shorthand terms and replace them with their expanded form.

# Adding PHONY to a target will prevent make from confusing the phony target with a file name.

# In this example, if clean is created, make clean will still be run.

By list I mean a space seperated sentence of words.

variables for a while now and we’ve seen many examples of how they’re used in both the built-in and user-defined rules.


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