Make Cover Sheet Research Paper

When it comes to submitting research papers, writing a cover letter can be rather daunting for young researchers.

Although many research papers are created according to the MLA style, this style usually does not provide for a cover page.

All the necessary information is mentioned on the first page instead.

Place the common information in Quick Parts and you don’t have to bother with typing them again and again.

Change the date fields with the dropdown arrow and select a date from a calendar. You can easily edit graphical cover page elements like any other image.

It will also help them decide whether the manuscript will require any specific experts during the peer review process.

Thus, journals would usually welcome the addition of a brief summary of your research.

But what if you want to create a cover page in Word that’s way cooler than vanilla? Design your own cover page with the easy tools on Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word makes it painless to create a business report cover page or a title page for an essay.

Note how it includes the running head and page number in the upper right hand corner, defines the running head that will title all manuscript pages, and centers the title and author information in the middle of the page.

Modern Language Association style (MLA) is designated for specifying the requirements for academic writing, such as formatting and use of English.


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