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Typically, sleep is associated with innocence, purity and peaceful minds.

In Macbeth, only the good-hearted people are able to sleep while people whom have committed terrible sins suffer from lack of sleep, nightmares, and sleepwalking.

He is aware that there is something seemingly evil about what the witches have prophesized, even though they claimed Banquo's sons would become heirs to the throne of Scotland.

Banquo's nightmares and sleeplessness are foreshadowing Duncan's murder and developing the theme of guilt.

If we have clear consciences, we usually possess the ability to sleep.

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But when our consciences are full of guilt, we experience a state of sleeplessness.They experience numerous consequences for their action, which eventually lead to their deaths.Throughout the entire play of Macbeth, sleep, or the lack of sleep, is predominant.In Macbeth, sleep was meant as a sanctuary or a safe haven but as the play progresses sleep becomes fear and not being able to think clearly which gives you a whole different perspective in life.Sleeping is a In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth’s ultimate downfall is due to the guilt he feels over everything he has done.Sleeplessness in the play symbolizes the disorder and havoc occurring or about to occur in Scotland.Within the first lines, the three witches cast a spell, "Sleep shall neither night nor day, hang up his penthouse lid" (1.3.19).How much more if you haven't slept in weeks or even a whole year.Sleep can be defined as a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body.Banquo is not the only one having nightmares, however Duncan is the only one getting sleep.According to Macbeth, "It is the bloody business which informs/ Thus to mine eyes.


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