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Comparative study of the principles of Takaful insurance and Commercial insurance: Saudi Arabia as a case study. Whether the directors are accountable towards shareholders or not. The position of the secured creditor in a liquidation and administration table of contents. Administrative Enforcement of corporate criminal liability provisions in Saudi Arabia. Critically assess the current law on Corporate Governance 6. Administrative Enforcement of corporate criminal liability provisions in Saudi Arabia 19.

A comparative analysis of procedural demands in takeover of listed companies and assignment of their merits. Compare UK, US & China, in the suggestion part please apply some information to suggest china's takeover listed company procedural. A universal Corporate Governance System is not only desirable but essential in the age of globalization. Compare and contrast the laws and regulations combating money laundering in the UK, with those in Australia. Globalisation and its impact on the Indian automobile industry. An examination of the extent to which the Company Directors' Disqualification Act 1986 has deterred the activities of delinquent directors and a consideration of how the law could be further developed" 12. Investor Protection and Civil Liabilities For Defective Disclosures By Corporations In Saudi Arabia 2.

Protect the Foreign Direct investment (FDI) under the world Trade Organization (WTO) 2. V: II provisions, (ii) LDC social and legal systems, and (iii) Western concepts 8. Assisted suicide is a criminal offence under the Suicide Act 1961 on the basis that those contemplating suicide are vulnerable and the vulnerable need law's protection. Discuss the proposition that the law needs to distinguish between malice and mercy 14. Maritime search and rescue legal issues, implementation, prospects 3.

The Current and Future WTO Dispute Settlement System - The Analysis of Practical problems Article 21.5 and Article 22 of the DSU. Has average knowledge of principle and authority, and either expresses it very well or show 4. The duties and responsibilities of the buyer and seller in the CIF and FOB contracts in the UK and issues arising from them. An analysis of the cases and jurisprudence of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in contrast with the cases and jurisprudence of the International Court of Arbitration 9. Restrictions on Medical Research: a therapeutic jurisprudence perspective on how the ' Direct Benefit' safeguards - in Schedule 1, Part 5 of the Clinical Trials Regulations 2004 - might negatively affect the interests of incapacitated adults 6. A children born as a result of donor insemination should have the right to know the identity of their genetic fathers. Implications from moving from a country of origin to a tax that is applied at destination as suggested in the recent green paper ' towards a simpler, more robust and efficient VAT system' 2. Vicarious liability in Tort: Is failure to join primary Tort feasor as a defendant fatal to the plaintiff's claim? The impact of the decisions in Cassis de Dijon, Keck and subsequent case law on the free movement of goods. Disputes between the companies from among the several States and the method of arbitration, including and especially in the Islamic Sharia. Is the sweat of the brow doctrine still valid in today's society ? Title: Does the tortuous doctrine of Rylands and Fletcher have any relevance in modern law ? To compare the way Rylands and Fletcher type cases are dealt with in the UK and in other commonwealth countries such as Australia where the 9. Accountability for large scale disasters and work place related deaths: Will the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 deliver justice or is the law still fatally flawed? A dissertation on the issue of terrorism legislation in UK. A critical assessment of Terrorism Act 2000, is legal analysis of the legislation and case law in relation to the act. Law necessarily lays claim to correctness, and this establishes a necessary connection between law and morals. What is the difference between tort and civil law and give case examples, statements and explain why we need both of these types of law. Psychiatric damage limitations or more broadly examining how psychiatric damage is characterised and the limits this places on people.

Besides the reasons for why you might want to do it --- if you're a coursework person rather than an exam person, it's a no brainer.

I'm an exam person and my dissertation was my weakest mark in anything in final year - but I didn't regret doing it because I loved the module and it was a good learning curve for my LLM. I did a dissertation in my final year and a small part of it has developed into my Ph D thesis a few years later.

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The topic is A CIF Contract arguably places the buyer in a poor position in relation to the seller 5. This the title of the dissertation International Criminal Law 1. Law and ethics governing the medical assisted reproduction: Surrogacy’. The legal status of the Human Foetus in the UK and How clear English law recognises foetal interests. The separate rights and interests of the foetus in English law are nonexistent, however, this is adequate given the prevalence of the rights 8. Prospects of success for sino-Argentina Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA).

The benefits and disadvantages of investing in REITS over other forms of investment both property and non property related. Property ownership of unmarried couples, has Kernot v Jones provided clarity? The Effect of the credit crunch on UK Residential property. How could the doctrine of utmost good faith affect intermediaries and mortgagees in Marine Insurance contracts? Justification of limitation of liability in maritime law Medical Law 1. It is time the law in England and Wales was reformed to reflect the fact that a person should be entitled to the right to die in the manner they wish.(researcher may choose to alter title.


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