Living In A Dormitory Essay

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Both dorms and apartments have common areas, such as laundry rooms, lounges and lobbies.Apartment complexes may also features a clubhouse or swimming pool.

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Samar suggested four most important things to do when you move to dorms, Concluded as follows: In Conclusion, Living in dorms has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It’s fun, open your eyes for the real world challenges, a way to meet new friends, and a way to be more responsible and dependable on yourself.

Apartment living requires you to cook for yourself, but if you are frugal, you can eat well on a small budget.

The majority of college dorms are shared bedrooms, so you will most likely have a roommate, plus several other roommates in your dorm unit.

In an apartment, students generally have their own bedrooms, but not always.

Apartments usually have a single bathroom, but you'd be sharing it only with your roommates.Dorms frequently organize social activities and encourage mingling between residents.Apartment complexes may offer similar social opportunities, but are generally not as structured as dorms.The cost of utilities is included in dorm prices, while utilities are generally separate from apartment rent.Most dorms feature cafeterias where students can purchase meals, while other dorms, known as cooking dorms, have small kitchens.Sometimes, this causes many problems such as privacy problems, disagreements among roommates; those disagreements could start as simple problem such as cleaning the dorm to interrupting each other by listening to loud music that might affect the concentration level especially when the school exams starts.Having to stay in dorms, open the doors for new friends and new relationships.Apartments offer different perks and are a viable alternative to dorm life.Pros and cons exist for each option, so before you commit to one, examine what both apartments and dorms have to offer.For other students, they like to stay at their homes with their parents, share their new life experiences with them, and stay within the warm environment they are used to.Living in dorms is basically all about trying to adapt oneself into a new environment consisting of people who have different lifestyle habits.


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