Literature Review On Malaria

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The Charaka Samhita classifies the fevers into five different categories, namely continuous fevers (samatah), remittent fevers (satatah), quotidian fevers (anyedyuskah), tertian fevers (trtiyakah) and quartan fevers (caturthakah) and Susruta Samhita even associated fevers with the bites of the insects.

Malaria appeared in the writings of the Greeks from around 500 BC.

This article reviews the epidemiology, pathology, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of malaria in pregnant women.

Interventions to prevent malaria include intermittent preventive treatment, insecticide-treated nets, and case management of malaria infection and anemia.

This paper reviews the literature of malaria intervention studies in Africa over the last ten years, and specifically assesses the state of the art of evaluation of those interventions.

Five primary types of malaria intervention studies were found: (1) vector control evaluation studies, (2) vaccine trial evaluation studies, (3) case management evaluation studies (includes chemoprophylaxis and malaria treatment trials), (4) diagnostic evaluation studies (trials of new quick and easy methods of diagnosing malaria) and, (5) cost-effectiveness evaluation studies.entions of malaria can be found in the ancient Roman, Chinese, Indian and Egyptian manuscripts and later in numerous Shakespearean plays.The belief that mosquitoes transmit disease also is an ancient one.Hippocrates, “The Father of Medicine” and probably the the first malariologist, described the various malaria fevers of man by 400BC.Hippocratic corpus distinguished the intermittent malarial fever from the continuous fever of other infectious diseases, and also noted the daily, every-other-day, and every-third-day temperature rise.A number of Roman writers attributed malarial diseases to the swamps. D., Marcus Terentius Varro, the Roman scholar whom Caesar named director of the imperial library, suggested in his book on agriculture, De Rerum Rusticarum that swamps breed “certain animalcula which cannot be seen with the eyes and which we breathe through the nose and mouth into the body, where they cause grave maladies.” By the age of Pericles, there were extensive references to malaria in the literature and depopulation of rural areas was recorded. D., Celsus described two types of tertian fevers and agreed with the views expressed by Varro.150 years later, Galen, a famed and influential physician in Rome, recognized the appearance of these fevers with the summer season and a jaundice in infected people.Powerpoint summary of a literature review on malaria BCC resources from September 2012.Insufficient qualified resources were identified, hence the powerpoint was developed in lieu of a written document.One of the oldest scripts, written several thousand years ago in cuneiform script on clay tablets, attributes malaria to Nergal, the Babylonian god of destruction and pestilence, pictured as a double-winged, mosquito-like insect.A few centuries later, the natives told Philistines settling in Canaan, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, of the god Beelzebub, lord of the insects.


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