Literature Review Of Employee Satisfaction

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According to Orpen () conducted a case study in one corporate setting by using balance score card (BSC) method and found out that organizational outcomes would be greater if employees are provided with positive motivation.

The establishment of operations-based targets will help the provision of strategic feedback by allowing the evaluation of actual performance against the operations-based targets.

The novelty of this study lies in its theoretical framework where authors have made an attempt to come up with a construct having dimensions that directly or indirectly influences employee motivation.).

Motivation directly links to individual performance that gain to organization performance and as a catalyzer for all individual employees working for an organization to enhance their working performance or to complete task in much better way than they usually do.

Smith and Rupp () stated that performance is a role of individual motivation; organizational strategy, and structure and resistance to change, is an empirical role relating motivation in the organization.

Likewise, Luthans and Stajkovic () concluded that advancement of human resources through rewards, monetary incentives, and organizational behavior modification has generated a large volume of debate in the human resource and sales performance field.In this paper, we have taken various techniques of motivation from existing literature, and managed to make flow of motivation from young-age employees to old-age employees.From organization perspective managers need to understand the flow of motivation, it helps them to create a culture where employees always get motivated to do better.For reason, monetary incentive motivate employees and enhance commitment in work performance, and psychologically satisfy a person and leads to job satisfaction, and shape the behavior or outlook of subordinate toward work in the organization.) job rotation provides benefits to both workers and management in an organization and prevents musculoskeletal disorders, cast out fatigue and increases job satisfaction and morale.As a result, job transfer gives the opportunity to learn multiple skills and outlooks to the workers.The only thing organization needs to do is to give employees with ample resources and platform to do.As per Kuo () a successful organization must combine the strengths and motivations of internal employees and respond to external changes and demands promptly to show the organization’s value.It avoids the dullness caused by monotonous jobs and simultaneously brings smoothness in technological job with the help of handling different circumstances at different levels and it leads to effective learning of many aspects in the organization.), Parvin and Kabir studied the tested factors affecting job satisfaction for pharmaceutical companies and described job satisfaction as how content an individual is with his or her job, and viewed job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, although clearly linked.Similarly, Pantouvakis and Bouranta () investigated that gender and tenure are significant in job satisfaction measurement.The primary objective to write this review is to highlight the flow of motivation and reveals what motivation technique works more efficiently in different stages of life.This study provides useful managerial implication for employee motivation in an organization.


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