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The formalist approach sees the literary work as a closed mechanism in itself.According to the formalists, literary work is like a “machine”....

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more Measurements of the frequency of a single word in a single text, or in thousands of texts, operate at extremes of scale.

These analyses demand new kinds of abstraction:ones that can take into account minute effects in single texts replicated across a corpus at large.

Among the many colourful descriptions George Puttenham provided for classical rhetorical figures in his The Arte of English Poesie (1589), one of the more eye-catching was his translation of aposiopesis, which he vernacularised into 'the...

more Among the many colourful descriptions George Puttenham provided for classical rhetorical figures in his The Arte of English Poesie (1589), one of the more eye-catching was his translation of aposiopesis, which he vernacularised into 'the figure of silence'.

This essay poses these questions through a quantitative analysis of English dramatic history.

How can the transformation and abstraction of a play into a network, and then into a metric, reveal new facets of the evolution of drama since the early modern period?Establishing metrics, finding patterns, and linking these metrics and patterns with meaningful concepts of literary criticism: these are tasks that digital humanities now faces.In doing so, it must ask new questions about the nature of what it studies and how computational results are compatible with the established practices of literary criticism.How does the process of abstraction, necessary to create a network out of a play, compare to the abstractions of literary history?And, how can the patterns of similarity and difference revealed by the quantitative measurement of these abstractions be reconciled to our already extensive critical understanding of English drama?That said, despite its relative prominence and endorsement in these theoretical manuals, aposiopesis rarely makes a presence in Elizabethan verse, and almost never with the purpose Puttenham and his contemporaries ascribed to it.This paper, conceived within the framework of a project that aims to shed light on under-scrutinised poetic practices and practitioners in Elizabethan England, explores the relationship between precept and practice regarding the figure of aposiopesis in 16th-century English poetry.Therefore, each method used to examine the work must be related to the work itself.According to the formalist approach, the literary work is an organic whole consisting of style and content.In this context, the novel Daisy Miller written by Henry James has been taken as sample and examined from the formalist perspective, seeking answers to these questions mentioned.The studies in this collection discuss aspects of crucial discourses in Edmund Spenser’s main poetic work, The Faerie Queene, and political treatise, A View of the Present State of Ireland: the tension between secular and Christian codes...


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