Literary Analysis Essay On Their Eyes Were Watching God

He made her fall in love with him and took away from the husband. He buys the mule and takes it away from Bonner just in order to make it his own property.This mule becomes one of the major themes for discussions.

In 1937, the times of the Great Depression, the novel did not get recognition as it gets today.

Black people criticized the ideas presented in the story a lot.

She truly believes that in this marriage, she will find a true love and become really happy. Just like a mule, Janie is forced to work in the field with her husband.

Janie continues to believe that working together, she can be closer to her husband.

However, being closer was not the objective of her husband.

The major purpose that Logan wants to achieve is his financial prosperity, nothing more. The only way she sees is to leave her husband and start a new life.

The image of mules also represents Janie’s life, her searching, and social status.

Actually, mules represent Janie’s position in several ways.

She desperately thinks that her new lover, Jody Starks, will help her.

They come to a new town, where Jody becomes a major.


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