Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Essay

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Over the next two years, four months and two weeds, ransom money would regularly appear.

Some in Japan but most of it in the Bronx and Manhatten (Grey 1). Therefore Judge Trenchard set the trial date for January 2, 1935 (Fisher 266). In the end Hauptmann was convicted of murder in the course of committing a different felony, breaking an entering to steal the child's pajamas.

The child, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., was never returned to his parents and the baby's body was found on May 12, 1932.

The man convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., was Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was sentenced to death for the crime and electrocuted at Trenton State Prison on April 3, 1936. The Lindbergh Kidnapping, referred to by the press of the time as "The Crime of the Century", was the abduction of the 20-month-old Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., the son of aviator Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne.

Imagine that a twenty month old baby has been stolen from his parents. The future looked bright for husband and father Col. As the kidnapper was climbing down the ladder he dropped the bag. Not realizing the severity of the injury the kidnapper proceeded (Mosely 165).

was kidnapped from his crib, launching a vast investigation of motives, any conspiracy, and a questionable outcome (Walker 1). He was known as the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic in his plane (Walker 1). Louis, as well as the most worshipped hero in the Western Hemisphere. In August of 1930 the baby boy was born into a wealthy and prosperous family. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567858024"However they were unaware of the tragedy waiting to occur. The baby was then placed into a burlap bag (Mosley 165).No two serial numbers were in order and all serial numbers were recorded. Condon was a seventy-two year old former grade school principal. On April 2, 1932 the two packages containing the money were delivered to Condon's home by Lindberhg and Brickinridge at that evening. He then took the packages to the Bergan Grechneus Florist at 3235 E Tremont Avenue. During the investigation of the kidnapping Hauptmann's apartment was searched.The investigators had the suspects narrowed down to one main one and two possible. However the sender of the confession was not identified (Fisher 79). Hauptmann and his wife resided on the second floor apartment of East twenty-second street in the Bronx. However in his garage they found a total of 474 ten dollar notes and 494 twenty gold and Federal Reserve ransom notes (Gray 5).What happened to the baby in the Lindbergh Kidnapping? He was murdered by his kidnapper and the child's remains were found six weeks later on May 12, 1932 in roadside woodlands near Mount Rose, New Jersey.The police were called and made a thorough search of the premises.One of the possible kidnappers died while visiting his family in Germany. A twenty-five page typed confession was sent to the New Jersey Court House. The third main suspect was Brueno Richard Hauptmann. Police determined that including money found in the garage, Hauptmann had acquired a total of ,950, since April 2, 1932.His name was Isadore Fesch, a friend and business partner of Brueno Richard Hauptmann. Police arrested Hauptmann on September 19, 1934 because they found a twenty dollar ransom bill in his wallet. The ransom money tied to Hauptmanas one ten dollar gold note on September 16, 1934 to purchase gasoline, one twenty dollar note was found in his wallet, 390 ten dollar notes were found on September 20, 1934, 493 twenty dollar gold notes were found on September 21, 1934 and 84 ten dollar gold notes were found on September 25, 1934 (Grey 2).He wasn't afraid to commit serious crimes(Mosely 214-215).Hauptmann was a machine gunner in the German Army for WWI.The first note received was written in badly mangled English and found on April 4, 1932 at the East River (Gray 2).It said " Dear Sir Have ready ,000 ready in twenty dollar bills, ,000 in ten dollar bills and 10,000 in five dollar bills after two to four weeds we will inform you where to deliver the money.


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