Lewis And Clark Expedition Essay

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He concludes (as do most historians) that it was December 20, 1812, at Fort Manuel near today's Kenel, South Dakota; not many years later, at the age of 100, on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

Question: What happened to Lewis's dog -- and what was his name?

This is the place, with its eerie sandstone formations, that Lewis wrote his famous line about "scenes of visionary enchantment." More information about that part of the Lewis & Clark trail is available from Travel Montana, 1-800-847-4868 (1-800-VISIT-MT) or online, at Some additional Clark journals are at the Missouri Historical Society in St. But in many instances, the explorers relied on the skills of George Drouillard, who knew sign language -- a rudimentary way of communicating through gestures, practiced between the many different western tribes who rarely spoke the same language.

Question: Are there still any of the peace medallions?

I'm unaware of any information about the fate of Sacagawea's daughter, Lisette.

More information about Baptiste (and Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau) is available from a pamphlet published by the Fort Clatsop Historical Association, "A Charbonneau Family Portrait," by Irving W. (Fort Clatsop National Memorial -- 503-861-2471 -- sells it in their bookstore.) Anderson's pamphlet also examines the two competing theories about the time and place of Sacagawea's death.Yale's Beinecke Library has a copy of the paper certificate that the captains distributed to so-called "lesser chiefs." Question: How can I find out more about the Spanish government's attempt to destroy the Lewis and Clark expedition? Question: How could they have seen pheasants, since the birds weren't introduced to North America until many years after the expedition? During the journey itself, the last batch of information from the Corps of Discovery was sent downriver with the big keelboat from the Mandan villages in April of 1805, while the captains and most of the others headed farther west.The best source is "A Moment in Time: The West -- September 1806," by Dr. Ronda, in "Montana: The Magazine of Western History," Vol. They didn't see any pheasants, but they used the word several times in describing other birds, usually grouse. Included in the shipment was the live prairie dog the explorers had captured in South Dakota during the summer of 1804 and had kept alive in a cage in Fort Mandan.But I firmly believe -- as do most expedition scholars I know -- that Seaman made it back to St. There's a fuller discussion about Seaman -- his role in the expedition and adventures on the trail -- on pages 26 and 27 of our companion book.And even more in a supplemental publication of We Proceeded On , the official publication of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.Baptiste returned to America and for awhile became a mountain (the explorer John C.Fremont mentions in his journals encountering him.) During the war with Mexico in 1846, Baptiste was hired by the Army to guide the Mormon Battalion from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, all the way to California, where he became a magistrate of San Luis Rey Mission in California after the conflict.Question: What part of the modern trail is the most unchanged? Moulton is completing a multi-volume edition of the complete journals for the University of Nebraska Press -- 11 volumes published so far, with one or two more left and about to come out. Question: How did Lewis & Clark communicate with Indian tribes? During the first year, they often had interpreters (usually French-Canadians) who also spoke the Indians' language -- for instance with the Otos, the Yankton Sioux, the Arikara, the Mandan and Hidatsa.Without a doubt, the most unchanged section of the entire Lewis and Clark route is White Cliffs section of the Missouri River in north-central Montana -- a stretch of the river, now protected by Congress, that is only accessible by boat (usually canoe). John Ordway) are at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. Charles Floyd's brief journal is at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin; and Private Joseph Whitehouse's is at the Newberry Library at the University of Chicago. Patrick Gass published an edited version of his journals shortly after the expedition's return, which can be found in many libraries, but his original, handwritten journals have not been located. Sacagawea was obviously crucial in the translating chain with her own people, the Shoshones.It is a national group dedicated to keeping the story of Lewis and Clark alive and to stimulating public interest in expedition's journey and the trail they followed.They have local chapters along the route; meet as a national group every summer at a different spot on the trail (1998 in Great Falls, Montana); and publish a magazine several times a year called We Proceeded On .


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