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Both methods include the pre-processing stage, used for removing noise and enhancing the contrast between the object and the background.

Both methods include the pre-processing stage, used for removing noise and enhancing the contrast between the object and the background.Three automated layer segmentation methods were built for segmenting intra-retinal layers from 3D OCT macular and optic nerve head images in the second part of my Ph D project.The aim of this Ph D thesis is to develop segmentation methods to extract clinically useful information from these retinal images, which are acquired from different imaging modalities.

In the past few decades, many mathematical models were developed for predicting the contact angles of the inter-face with the wall boundary under various flow conditions.

These models are used to incorporate the physics of DCA and contact line motion in numerical simulations using various interface capturing/tracking techniques.

Efficiency is due to a graded underlying mesh implicitly defined via error or feature indicators.

A suitable saturation condition ensures an important regularity condition on the resulting adaptive grid.

Many physical phenomena and industrial applications involve multiphase fluid flows and hence it is of high importance to be able to simulate various aspects of these flows accurately.

The Dynamic Contact Angles (DCA) and the contact lines at the wall boundaries are a couple of such important aspects.As a casy study the segmentation of glioma is considered.The clinician interactively selects a few parameters describing the speed function and a few seed points.It is able to deal with non sharp segment boundaries.A flexible, interactive modulation of the front speed depending on various boundary and regularization criteria ensure this goal.In the first part of my Ph D project, two novel level set based methods were proposed for detecting the blood vessels and optic discs from fundus images.The first one integrates Chan-Vese's energy minimizing active contour method with the edge constraint term and Gaussian Mixture Model based term for blood vessels segmentation, while the second method combines the edge constraint term, the distance regularisation term and the shape-prior term for locating the optic disc.The texture segmentation is obtained by unifying region and boundary-based information as an improved Geodesic Active Contour Model.The defined objective function is minimized using a gradient-descent method where a level set approach is used to implement the obtained PDE.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.


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