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A classic work by the founding father of existentialism, describing his philosophy and its relationship to Marxism."Verso's beautifully designed Radical Thinkers series, which brings together seminal works by leading left-wing intellectuals, is a sophisticated blend of theory and thought.

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The Pleiade edition published by Gallimard included a previously unpublished interview with Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir's account of his plans for the unfinished fourth volume, and an introduction to the unfinished fragments by the editor, Michel Contat.

All this material is translated and published here in this, the first English-language edition of a work that makes an enormous contribution to our understanding of Sartre's hugely influential "Roads to Freedom" cycle....

Sartre sostenne che il dramma di Hugo, intellettuale anarchico di origine borghese, combattuto tra l’appartenenza alla sua classe sociale, e il desiderio di servire una giusta causa dentro il partito proletario, era personale, tuttavia si fa veramente fatica a crederlo, perché attraverso i dialoghi emerge un feroce contrasto sociale.

Hugo racconta ad Olga, la sua compagna di partito, quello che è accaduto prima dell’assassinio di Hoederer.

First published in France in 1937, this important essay marked a turning point in Sartre’s philosophical development.

Les Mains Sales Essays

Before writing it, he had been closely allied with phenomenologists such as Husserl and Heidegger.In fact, Sartre began a fourth volume and, although he never finished the work, two chapters, "Strange Friendship" and "Last Chance", were published in French by Gallimard after his death.Set in a German prisoner of war camp, these chapters continue the story of Roads to Freedom, exploring the interrelations of politics, responsibility, friendship and freedom - themes central to Sartrean existentialism.Here, however, Sartre attacked Husserl’s notion of a transcendental ego.The break with Husserl, in turn, facilitated Sartre’s transition from phenomenology to the existentialist doctrines of his masterwork, Being and Nothingness, which was completed a few years later while the author was a prisoner of war.Nell’atto terzo l’incontro coi “Pour une fois, tu as raison, mon grand camarade: l’appétit je ne sais pas ce que c’est. il venaient me faire payer pour mon père et pour mon grand-père et pour tous ceux de ma famille qui ont mangé à leur faim… A quoi cela servira-t-il et pourquoi viens-tu parmi nous? Vous autres, les intellectuels, les anarchistes bourgeois, vous en tirez prétexte pour ne rien faire. Hugo deve uccidere Hoederer in nome dell’ideale, nonostante la simpatia personale che prova per lui, lo ritiene un traditore perché il leader vuole avviare trattative con forze non socialiste, compreso il fascismo, ma finisce per ucciderlo per l’onda emozionale e personale causata dalla contingenza.Si tu avais vu les phosphatines de mon enfance, j’en laissais la moitié: quel gaspillage! Une cuillerée pour la vieille qui ramasse les épluchures dans la poubelle, une cuillerée pour la famille du charpentier qui s’est cassé la jambe. Je suis entré au Parti et c’était pour entendre la même chanson: «Tu n’as jamais eu faim, Hugo, de quoi que tu te mêles? jamais ils m’accepteront; ils sont cent mille qui regardent avec ce sourire. Je suis un gosse de riche, un intellectuel, un type qui ne travaille pas de ses mains…”.“Comme tu tiens à ta pureté, mon petit gars! Ne rien faire, rester immobile, serrer les coudes contre le corps, porter des gants. may well be thought of as Sartre's greatest work; it has also come to be regarded as a text-book of existentialism itself, and this is for many reasons a proper way to read it.These pages set out with relative perspicuity almost all of the salient ideas of existentialism; and, in addition, the method according to which the book is composed is itself highly characteristic of existentialist philosophers. This is the first English translation of Sartre's unfinished fourth volume of "Roads to Freedom", exploring the interrelations of politics, responsibility; friendship and freedom - themes central to Sartrean existentialism.Sartre's study of Baudelaire is one of the more brilliant achievements of modern criticism.He turned abstractions like Existence and Being, Freedom and Nature, into a theory of psychoanalysis, grounded in man's creativity and opposed to Freudian determinism.


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