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For instance, if there was apple tart and rice pudding, I was only allowed the rice pudding.Cold baths all the year round were insisted upon, and I had to practice the piano from seven-thirty to eight every morning although the fires were not yet lit.

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It was true also that there had been violence in the not-so-distant past.It is sometimes said that those who have had an uncon- ventional education will find a difficulty in adjusting them- selves to the world.I had no such experience* The environ- ment in which I found myself at Cambridge fitted me like a glove.There were family prayers at eight o'clock every morning.Although there were eight servants, food was always of Spartan simplicity, and even what there was, if it was at all nice, was considered too good for children.I try, though with indifferent success, to accustom myself to a world of crumbling empires, Communism, atom bombs, Asian self-assertion, and aristo- cratic downfall.In this strange insecure world where no one knows whether he will be alive tomorrow, and where ancient states vanish like morning mists, it is not easy for those who, in youth, were accustomed to ancient solidities to believe that what they are now experiencing is a reality and not a tran- sient nightmare.The Fren9h in their Revolution had com- mitted excesses which one must deplore, while urging, at the same time, that reactionaries had grossly exaggerated them and that they would not have occurred at all but for the foolish hostility of the rest of Europe to progressive opinions in France.It might perhaps be admitted also that Cromwell had gone too far in cutting off the king's head but, broadly speak- ing, anything done against kings was to be applauded un- less, indeed, it were done by priests, like Becket, in which case one sided with the king.f The atmosphere in the house was one of puritan piety and austerity.As a Whig who fol- lowed Fox, he thought the English hostility to the French Revolution and Napoleon excessive, and he visited the ex- iled Emperor in Elba.It was he who, in 1832, introduced the Reform Bill which started England on the road toward de- mocracy.


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