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I believe that such projects are best divided into at least eight stages: This course does not have any specific (professor-defined) doctrinal or content objectives.

Yes, you will meaningfully engage and grapple with substantive health law issues. They will be particular and unique to each student.

The single biggest danger in law school (or any graduate school) writing is procrastination.

Students often wait too long before starting to edit.

Consequently, too many distinct stages of the project (research, writing, editing, polishing) get compressed into a too short time period. To mitigate this risk, the following threshold dates are a paternalistic measure to keep you moving along.

But they also permit me to provide substantial and meaningful formative assessment and feedback.In other words, let your living document guide your research.Your outline should follow a traditional format (see samples).I understand that you may not yet have read or even obtained all these sources.I further understand that you will identify additional sources during the process of writing and editing. While you are only submitting a bibliography at this stage, you should already be writing your paper.As such it is fundamentally important that it be done carefully and thoughtfully. Indeed, you are welcome to submit more than just one section at this stage.Indicate in bracketed comments what your plans are for incomplete subsections.2.Many of them find it difficult to choose a topic and end up giving much time and effort into a paper that only serves as a means to get their degree, with almost no subsequent applications.But when there is so much energy invested in the thesis, why not choose a topic that will, on the top of gaining you a diploma, benefit and help someone else?Your outline should clearly set out the major issues and sub-issues.Your outline should reveal the basic structure and flow of your topic and forthcoming paper. While the only deliverable at this stage is one section of your paper, you should have written (at least partially) most if not all sections of your paper.


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