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It consists of four content areas of which I will address and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I am almost 48 years old and have had the honor of being a register nurse for over 26 years.

Personal Views of Leadership Many leaders exist within society.

Leaders often relate to organizational, political, religious, personal, or social causes.

11 NURSING LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT 3 There is a big difference between leadership and management.

Nursing management is a lot different than leadership.

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Leadership 5 November 2012 Leadership Individuals’ views of leaderships vary with each person.Every nurse has within themselves qualities that make them a great leader.Leadership by definition, “is a combination of intrinsic personality traits, learned leadership skills, and characteristics of the situation (Cherry& Jacob (2013 p. A leader is one who has the capacity and skills to direct or encourage others in efforts to achieve an outcome. Regardless of the environment, a leader is someone who can persuade, motivate, and inspire a group of people or individuals into sharing the same beliefs, values, and work ethic to achieve a common goal.Within the military, the lack of effective leadership can result in poor performance and compromise the soldiers’ safety.A leader act as a role model, and influence his or her peers in a positive and responsible manner.A leader must also balance assertiveness with a compassionate heart.I have had the privilege to work in a variety of roles on a medical unit, medical respiratory intensive care unit, school nurse, quality coordinator, stroke coordinator and quality improvement specialist for my state. I found that I scored rather high on the four content areas I evaluated. Leaders may not be effective soldiers, civilian mangers and vice versa, there are differences.This presentation will explore the author’s personal views of leadership and discuss characteristics of an effective leader.


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