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" (Naljeogi), transformative education, and writing through migrations: a Korean novice ESL teacher's diary and autoethnography, S.(Sangho) Lee PDF The benefits of intercultural interactions: a position paper on the effects of study abroad and intercultural competence on pre-service and active teachers of ESL, Bergen Lorraine Mc Curdy PDF The development and analysis of the Global Citizen Award as a component of Asia University America Program at Eastern Washington University, Matthew Ged Miner PDF The benefits of art analysis in English 101: multilingual and American writers respond to artwork of their choice, Jennifer M.Johnson PDF Using Media to Teach Grammar in Context and UNESCO Values: A Case Study of Two English Teachers and Students from Saudi Arabia, Sultan Albalawi PDF A Double Case Study of Latino College Presidents: What Younger Generations Can Learn From Them, Sara Aymerich Leiva PDF WRITTEN CORRECTIVE FEEDBACK IN THE L2 WRITING CLASSROOM, Daniel Ducken PDF Academic Reading and Writing at the College Level: Action Research in a Classroom of a homogeneous Group of Male Students from Saudi Arabia, Margaret Mount PDF Reflections on Teaching and Host Mothering Chinese Secondary Students: A Novice ESL Teacher’s Diary Study and Autoethnography, Diane Thames PDF Peer editing in composition for multilingual writers at the college level, Benjamin J.

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”: An action research proposal of culturally responsive teaching for critical literacy in democratic education, Natalie Marie Giles PDF Stylistic imitation as an English-teaching technique : pre-service teachers’ responses to training and practice, Min Yi Liang PDF Telling stories and contextualizing lived experiences in the Cuban heritage language and culture: an autoethnography about transculturation, Tatiana Senechal PDF “This is the oppressor’s language, yet I need it to talk to you”: a critical examination of translanguaging in Russian speakers at the university level, Nora Vralsted PDF Multimodal Approaches to Literacy and Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University Level, Ghader Alahmadi PDF Educating Saudi Women through Communicative Language Teaching: A Bi-literacy Narrative and An Autoethnography of a Saudi English Teacher, Eiman Alamri PDF The value of journaling on multimodal materials: a literacy narrative and autoethnography of an experienced Saudi high school English teacher, Ibrahim Alamri PDF Strategic Contemplation as One Saudi Mother’s Way Of Reflecting on Her Children’s Learning Only English in the United States: An Autoethnography and Multiple Case Study of Multilingual Writers at the College Level, Razan Alansari PDF “If you wanted me to speak your language then you should have stayed in your country”: a critical ethnography of linguistic identity and resiliency in the life of an Afghan refugee, Logan M.

Amstadter PDF Comparing literate and oral cultures with a view to improving understanding of students from oral traditions: an autoethnographic approach, Carol Lee Anderson PDF Practical recommendations for composition instructors based on a review of the literature surrounding ESL and identity, Patrick Cornwall PDF One size does not fit all: exploring online-language-learning challenges and benefits for advanced English Language Learners, Renee Kenney PDF Understanding the potential effects of trauma on refugees’ language learning processes, Charis E.

A dissertation is a great opportunity to for students to flex their research muscles, and to bring together all the skills of analysis and critical thinking they’ve been developing over their time at UCL.

PDF Perceptions of bibliotherapy: a survey of undergraduate students, Randie D.

S.: a survey of parents and teachers, Omnia Alofii PDF College-level ELLs in two English composition courses: the transition from ESL to the mainstream, Andrew J.

Copley PDF Increasing multimedia literacy in composition for multilingual writers: a case study of art analysis, Sony Nicole De Paula PDF Multilingual writers' unintentional plagiarism: action research in college composition, Jacqueline D.Sanchez PDF Teaching the biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder: fostering a media literacy approach for multilingual writers, Kelly G.Hansen PDF Implementing a modified intercultural competency curriculum in an integrated English 101 classroom, Kathryn C.Dissertations and theses from before 2014 are generally accessible only to the CUNY community, but some authors have chosen to make theirs open access.PDF “Racism doesn’t exist anymore, so why are we talking about this?Estrada-Loehne PDF TEACHING THE BIOGRAPHY OF PEARL S.BUCK: DEVELOPING COLLABORATIVE READING STRATEGIES FOR MULTILINGUAL WRITERS, Nichole S.Camp PDF Exploring the relationship between attitude towards collaborative learning and sense of community among college students in online learning environments: a correlational study, Ritushree Chatterjee PDF Teacher perceptions of pedagogical change in 1:1 laptop classrooms, Jessie Marie Christensen PDF Investigating relationships between educational technology use and other instructional elements using "big data" in higher education, Karly Good PDF Understanding the use of tablet devices in the classroom when teaching a group of learners diagnosed with autism, Andrea Lynn Halabi PDF Impact of historical science short stories on students’ attitudes and NOS understanding, Garrett Taylor Hall PDF Understanding the role of the modality principle in multimedia learning environments, Amy Marie Oberfoell PDF Exploring the quality, usability, and use of learning objects in introductory statistics classrooms, Rachel Jean Graham PDF Virtual field trips as an educational and motivational strategy to teach Iowa history, Karl Harven Hehr PDF The effects of socialization on beginning science teachers' pedagogical decision making and science instruction, Lori Ihrig PDF Computer self-efficacy: instructor and student perspectives in a university setting, Kenneth D.Kass PDF Exploring the dimensions of nomophobia: Developing and validating a questionnaire using mixed methods research, Caglar Yildirim PDF Parent education for dialogic reading during shared storybook reading: Multiple case study of online and face-to-face delivery models, Beth Ann Beschorner PDF A comparative study of pre-service teachers' understandings of the equal sign, Julie Ellen (Buddenhagen) Hartzler PDF Sexuality education policy implementation in two rural midwestern communities: A comparative case study, Adam Foley PDF Culture and Curriculum Collide: the Case of Spoken Word in the Classroom, Nicole Fraise PDF Examining elementary pre-service teachers' capacity to use children's mathematical understanding to select and pose mathematical tasks, Mary Njeri Gichobi PDF Factors Impacting University-Level Language Teachers' Technology Use and Integration, Aliye Karabulut PDF Identity development among pre-service teacher candidates, Kathryn Ann Lerseth PDF E-learning in English classroom: Investigating factors impacting on ESL (English as Second Language) college students' acceptance and use of the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle), Jing Liu PDF Historical short stories as nature of science instruction in secondary science classrooms: Science teachers' implementation and students' reactions, Jennifer Ann Reid-Smith PDF A college preparatory program as investor in the academic social capital of black parents, Anita Rollins PDF "There's nothing not complicated about being Indian:" American Indian student experiences in a mainstream middle school, Stephanie Masta Zywicki PDF Malaysian polytechnic lecturers' teaching practices with ICT utilization to promote higher-order thinking skills, Siti Noridah Ali PDF Teaching students with behavioral disorders to use a negotiation procedure: Impact on classroom behavior and conflict resolution strategy, Cathy Anna Bullock PDF A qualitative assessment of preservice elementary teachers' formative perceptions regarding engineering and K-12 engineering education, Dennis Eugene Culver PDF guided-inquiry based laboratory instruction: investigation of critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and implementing student roles in chemistry, Tanya Gupta PDF East Asian students' negotiation of silence in a university intensive English reading class: An examination of cross-cultural transition within a Project-Oriented CALL approach, Migyu Kang PDF Research-based design of interactive multimedia for solving instructional problems, Natalya A.Lacey PDF Using media to teach a biography of Lincoln and Douglass: a case study of teaching ESL listening & viewing in college composition, Pui Hong Leung PDF Learning how to learn: teaching preliterate and nonliterate learners of English, Jennifer L.Semb PDF Non-cognitive factors in second language acquisition and language variety: a single case study of a Saudi male English for academic purposes student in the United States, Nicholas Stephens PDF Teaching English in the Philippines: a diary study of a novice ESL teacher, Jeffrey Lee Svoboda PDF ARABIC RHETORIC: MAIN IDEA, DEVELOPMENT, PARALLELISM, AND WORD REPETITION, Melissa Van De Wege PDF Video games and interactive technology in the ESL classroom, Melody Anderson English as a second language learners and spelling performance in university multilingual writers, Nada Yousef Asiri PDF The communal diary, "...


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