Kite Runner Essay On Redemption

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Amir was using Hassan as the sacrificial lamb to gain his fathers love and affection.

The Kite Runner Essay Rough Draft Redemption is something a person has to work for in order to make themselves feel like they have made up for their wrong doings.

In The Kite Runner, Hosseini describes the life of a young boy named Amir whose mistake haunts him for years.

This comes out when Amir is trying to save Sohrab from Asseff, Finally feeling that relief is a weight off of his shoulders. He takes that feeling and laughs through his entire beating.

Like Soroya, he uses Sohrab to make himself a better person.

Both thinking it is their fault, slowly destroys their marriage. Soroya thinks her inability to have kids is her physical punishment.

When she finds out Amir is bringing Sohrab, his nephew home she feels that She cleans the house prepares for him.She had wanted to be a mother and the love she could have had for her own child she will give to Sohrab.She sees Sohrab as a way to redeem herself by being good mother to him.In Amir’s neighborhood, there is an annual kite-fighting tournament during the icy season when schools close.Kite strings are strung with broken glass, which cut competing kites loose, thus cutting them from the competition.The closure people crave when they have done something they are not proud of is redemption, both physical and psychological.Closure is what people need to be able to move on in life and redemption for their actions can do that for them.Finally after all the years of being separated from Hassan Amir understands unconditional love, and that he has it for Sohrab. Amir realizes this is his way to redeem himself psychologically.To take care of Sohrab and just be a friend to him, to treat him better than he did Hassan.Amir was guilty after watching the incident happen with Hassan.After Amir finds out why Baba treated Hassan the way he did for all those years he understands.


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