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Do not use this essay to pander to the school or make a general pitch for your candidacy or why you need an MBA.

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” The admissions committee wants evidence that you have researched its MBA program thoroughly enough to have pinpointed resources and offerings that directly align with your interests and needs—and not just academically and professionally.

This is the part of our essay analysis in which we once again repeat our advice about getting to know a school beyond its website and published materials.

Just be mindful that both goals you present must be plausible and achievable. This complimentary publication offers detailed advice on approaching and framing these subjects, along with multiple illustrative examples. additional bit of information about yourself with the Kenan-Flagler admissions committee, how in the world do you choose, right?

Let us reassure you that this one essay is not that make-or-break, and we doubt that anything you could submit here would end up being the single factor that altered your road to acceptance to the school’s MBA program.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School is offering a mix of old and new essay prompts this season, having maintained its rather traditional career-focused first essay while replacing its second required essay question with a trio of new options.

Rather than having to discuss a core value they share with the school, applicants can choose the prompt they feel gives them the best opportunity to convey the nonprofessional side of their candidacy.Make sure to spend the majority of your mere 250-word allotment on your emotional reaction to the incident and the leadership ideas it then inspired and/or altered.Optional Essay: Is there any additional information not presented elsewhere in your application that you would like the admissions committee to consider?(150 words) Optional areas to address include: In general, we believe that the best use of the optional essay is to explain confusing or problematic issues in your candidacy, which this prompt allows, and which the inclusion of the illustrative bullet points seems to encourage.So, if you need to, use this opportunity to address any questions the admissions committee might have about your profile.With career goals essays, candidates often feel they must be totally unequivocal in their stated aspirations, but with the second part of this essay prompt, Kenan-Flagler is giving applicants room to speculate on and discuss other options.The admissions committee knows that sometimes the best-laid plans do not play out as expected or may even yield unintended results, and the school wants to know not only that you are prepared to switch gears and recommit to a different path, if necessary, but also that you are fully capable of doing so.Given that reality, asking about candidates’ long-term goals can in some ways be a waste of time, if an admissions committee is not simply doing so to see evidence that the applicant has put serious thought into their plan for attending business school.With the first part of this prompt, Kenan-Flagler wants to know that you have thoroughly considered this next step in your career and are pursuing an MBA for very clear, specific reasons—not because you feel you are supposed to or because you are following in a parent’s footsteps, and because you do not know what else to do at this juncture in your life!Consider elements of your personality that you feel are particularly revelatory of who you are as an individual (e.g., values, hobbies, skills) as well as significant instances from your past that illustrate something about you or influenced the person you are today (e.g., accomplishments, excursions, milestones). A narrative approach should allow you to present the situation in a compelling way—from inspiration to outcome—while conveying the emotions you experienced as you navigated it.The idea about which you feel most enthusiastic is likely your best choice and should also be the easiest to write about. Topic 3: Tell us about a time when you felt or witnessed someone being marginalized. What did you take away from the experience and how has it encouraged you to be an inclusive leader?


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