Kahuna Dissertation

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I was diagnosed as having malignant melanoma and told I had six months to live.

The Kahuna believe we learn through our experiences and my healing journey became my life lesson after my years in academia.

Since 2010, I have been arguing that expanding the forms of the dissertation must be a cornerstone for responding to these conditions—precisely because it is the hardest nut to crack on the way to transforming the humanities doctorate.

Both the SSHRC white paper and MLA task force report recognized this need for more flexibility in definition, form, and project of the dissertation.

My Hawaiian grandmother would take me to the beach and to the mountains and talk to me of simple things.

She greatly influenced me and passed on her knowledge and energy.

of the Ph D as a project and redefine its paths of achievement.

The current model is no longer adequate to the state of higher education, the state of the disciplines, and the nature of future jobs in the profession.

The challenge is to reorganize doctoral education to meet the imperatives and the opportunities of the 21st-century academy.

I’m going to start at the end, with the big kahuna, and work from there.


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