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Including killing of hostages, ill-treatment of civilians, use of forced labor and looting of public and private property and racial persecution.

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Essay on Justice ‘Justice is such an elusive concept that it hardly seems worthwhile for a legal system to strive to achieve it’.

Justice is something that we all want from a Law and believe should be an integral part in any legal system.

The victims were primarily Jewish however many other victims suffered at the hands of the Nazis such as: Poles, Gypsies, the handicapped and the elderly.

The Nuremberg Charter "defined war crimes as violations of the laws or customs of war"(Rosenbaum p, 30).

Kelsen also argued that the concept of justice is too vague to be defined and that even if law is immoral, it still should be followed.

Austin’s view stems from the positivist argument that Law is Law because of sovereignty and procedures.

For there were hundreds of thousands of Nazi activists who took advantage of having a Nazi government...persecute, enslave, murder, and enrich themselves by plundering the wealth of innocent victims (p, 69)." Rosenbaum further states that many Nazis who escaped justice were able to do so with the wealth they robbed from their victims by paying off those who assisted them and paying for their escape routes.

Contrary to the opinions of some Holocaust revisionists, the International Military Tribunal was not established by "International Zionists" for the purpose of destroying the German people and indicting the entire nation.

It was a response to such unprecedented crimes of brutality against innocent men, women and children throughout Europe.

These crimes required a different type of court because they were of such brutal nature and because their victims had no rights under German law.


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