Just In Time Inventory Management Term Paper

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This report examines the application of just-in-time (JIT) inventory management practices to a restaurant scenario.

For example, in this case, if the restaurant were to have its fresh foods delivered on a JIT basis, it could devote less space to food storage, and reduce its waste due to spoiled food or food that is not ordered by its patrons, without running out of food and losing the opportunity for a sale.

The process of JIT inventory management would also increase the involvement of the firm's employees, through the continuous improvement and total quality management aspects, thus increasing organizational commitment.

This includes not only inventory management practices (which is obvious), but also food production, waste management, and quality control practices, all of which will be necessary to improve the firm's performance.

Thus, the firm is not guaranteed to achieve the benefits of JIT adoption, and must be careful to ensure that it is in appropriate condition for the transition prior to beginning.This results in a simplification of the inventory management system, as well as business processes involved in inventory management.Supplier relationships and data regarding the business are used to identify specific areas where inventory improvements are required.The JIT management process also requires significant data input that the restaurant may not currently have if it does not have an up to date management system.There are some systems in use within the restaurant industry that provide JIT data for ordering as well as production; these range from handheld PDAs that connect to central ordering systems to RFID tags on conveyor-belt sushi (kaizenzushi) in order to automatically trigger inventory ordering practices as well as provide detailed data ordering.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. While JIT is more commonly used in manufacturing processes rather than end-user facing retail environments, there has been some research into JIT management practices in the restaurant, hotel, and service environment.This research focuses on the case study of JIT implementation in a restaurant as a means of analyzing the positive and negative aspects of JIT implementation as well as potential pitfalls. During the lunch rush, it serves a set menu with specific choices, while in the evenings and weekends it serves customers from a short a la carte menu.The restaurant used for comparison is open seven days per week, serving a prix fixe set menu during lunchtimes and an open menu in the evening and overnights.The report examines specific elements of JIT inventory management, including Kanban, design flow, total quality management (TQM), waste elimination, vendor management, and product and process design, in order to determine how well the JIT process will work in this environment.


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