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Chinese people's perceptions of aggressive female characters in Asian comedies, Yin Xia PDF Effects of precautionary principle on risk perception about cell phone radiation, Yang Yang PDF A comparative framing analysis of ISIL in the online coverage of CNN and Al-Jazeera, Talal Alshathry PDF A comparative framing analysis of Edward Snowden’s coverage in The New York Times and People's Daily, Wentao Chu PDF Source credibility and race: Black viewers’ responses to television news anchors, Pauli (Mayfield) Escobedo PDF Taming the hashtag: universal sentiment, SPEQ-ing the truth, and structured opinion in social media, Ian La Vie PDF A content analysis on features of suspenseful commercials, Chen Liang PDF Extending the technology acceptance model: an investigation of factors affecting college students’ downloading of smartphone fitness applications, Yuting Liao PDF A cross-national comparison of news coverage of Michelle Obama’s visit to China in American and Chinese media, Shuo Li PDF Is quality all the same?A comparative study of print and television coverage of the Syrian conflict, Tara Pardue Lackey PDF Particulate matters: How trust and media use impact risk perceptions of air pollution in Beijing, Yue Qiu PDF The effect of media system diversity on intercultural communication competence under one-way media flow, Terigele Terigele PDF Hybrid user perception model: comparing users’ perceptions toward collaborative, content-based, and hybrid recommender systems, Mengqi Wu PDF Scientific entertainment: how audiences interpret science on The Big Bang Theory, Xi Yang PDF Publics’ emotional responses expressed in different clusters of corporate crises, Lianshan Zhang PDF Which reviews carry the most weight?Discuss the place of regular opinionated blogs within a news publication and explore whether it is an outdated practice, or one that will evolve even further.

PDF Chapman, Paige Renee Madsen (2018), Innovation attributes and electronic word-of-mouth: impact on likelihood to adopt health apps and health behaviors PDF Ling, Qi (2018), Televising feminism: the Chinese television industry, female television professionals, and neoliberal empowerment PDF Tuwei, David Kiplagat (2018), Communication technology, capabilities and livelihoods: the role of mobile money in facilitating financial inclusion and development in rural Kenya PDF Wellman, Mariah (2018), Gold’s Gym as a “home”: exploring the tensions between traditional bodybuilders and fitness influencers in a commercially branded space PDF Carviou, James (2017), Modern family and Family guy: representation and relevancy among Twitter fans PDF Igram, Sarah E.

(2017), Image repair and media coverage following sexual assault in college athletics: two case studies PDF Krajewski, Joanna Marie Thrift (2017), Media, influence, and agriculture: understanding the clashing communication about Iowa’s water quality crisis PDF Miller, Kyle Joseph (2017), Educational engagement: college radio, digital media, and organizational change PDF Chen, Li (2016), Talking about health and health-related issues: an inquiry into the social media use of Chinese celebrity physicians and their fans PDF Harmsen, Shawn Paul (2016), Love and marriage and local TV news: an analysis of news coverage of same-sex marriage during elections since legalization in Iowa PDF Mc Ginnis, Klinton Charles-Jones (2016), Body-centered constructivism and lived religion in photojournalism: visual analyses and a creative case study PDF Mielczarek, Natalia (2016), Lives of iconic news images online: appropriations of 'big pictures' and their rhetorical work in digital participatory culture PDF Miles, Stephanie Anne (2016), A dual-process approach to stigma reduction using online, user-generated narratives in social media messages PDF Schwartz, David Asa (2016), Shifting signifier on the sidelines : memory and boundary work in the construction of Joe Paterno PDF Weare, Andrea M.

(2016), Beauty work : a case study of digital video production and postfeminist practices on You Tube's Icon Network PDF Kananovich, Volha (2015), "Execute not pardon": the Pussy Riot "affair" and the use of legal and discursive means for purposes of marginalizing dissent in Putin's Russia PDF Liu, Ruoxi (2015), The media, the public and the courts under Chinese governmentality: case study of a highly publicized trial in a transitional society PDF Smith, Christina Carolyn (2015), Weekly newspapering : Iowa's small-town newspapers, their news workers, and their community roles PDF Smith, Gareth Ross (2015), The myth of the underdog in press photo images of the Syrian Civil War PDF Stang, Katy Leigh (2015), The role of fashion and fatshion blogging in college women's negotiation of identity PDF Walkner, Tammy J.

(2015), Managing your private personal summer: how hormone replacement treatments are marketed to women PDF Arif, Rauf (2014), Social movements, You Tube and political activism in authoritarian countries: a comparative analysis of political change in Pakistan, Tunisia & Egypt.

Do some research on them and you will find something interesting. These are mostly questions that require some discussion or analysis.

PDF Factors influencing e-government adoption in Indonesia, Muhammad Noor Fakhruzzaman PDF Using values to communicate agricultural science: An Elaboration Likelihood Model approach, Allison Arp PDF Constructing the perfect post: The effects of incivility and news selection on online engagement, Carlos Eduardo Back Vianna PDF The effects of brand involvement and message strategy on user responses on Facebook brand pages, Su Yeon Cho PDF A gendered perspective of local news: News Style analysis of 2016 presidential campaign coverage in the Des Moines Register, Yao Liu PDF Citing your sources: How community journalists use social media for story content generation, Jared Charles Meisinger PDF Environmental discourse through a cultural lens: A case study of Guamanians' relationships with nature and wildlife, Kimberly Nelson PDF Antinuclear movements in the U. and Kazakhstan: A cross-cultural analysis of mass communication patterns, Bakyt Toptayeva PDF Investigating religious conversion among Chinese college students: Testing the expansion of the Lofland and Stark model and the impact of media, Haifan Xiao PDF Facebook: Help or hindrance?A study of the relationship between Facebook uses, gratifications, and depression symptoms in the older adult population, Katherine Michelle Anthony PDF Challenges African-American Graduate Students Face at Iowa State University, Darryl Austin PDF Gratifications associated with Snapchat usage among young people: Uses and gratifications analysis, Dina Chang PDF Contemporary portrayals of blacks and mixed-blacks in lead roles: Confronting historical stereotypes of African Americans on the big screen, Melissa Ann Garrett PDF Framing of Nepal’s Constitution: How Indian and Nepali National Media Covered the Controversy Surrounding the Ratification of Nepal’s Constitution in 2015, Amir Joshi PDF Corporate apology and cultural difference: A comparison of the United States and South Korea in cyber-security breach crisis, Nahyun Kim PDF Women in public relations: The influence of gender on women leaders in public relations, Elizabeth Krugler PDF Interstices news on mobile media: A comparison between the United States and China, Sha Meng PDF Effects of graphical cues during information processing in a social science context, Jingru Sun PDF Magically modified Grimm’s: Storytelling in the agricultural classroom, Adam Blake Wright PDF The fictional sob sisters: narrative construction of women journalists in popular literature, Kelsey Batschelet PDF The introduction of smartphones as a tool for agricultural extension in rural Uganda: A three-phase study, Laura Ruth Funk Kopecky PDF The use of mobile phones in the context of a guanxi system, Lijing Gao PDF Science writers: How they keep up, Brandon Hallmark PDF Gender framing in political advertising during the 2014 United States senate election in North Carolina, Louisiana, Iowa and Kentucky, Yiting Huang PDF Why cyberbullies choose cyberspace: From the perspective of uses and gratifications, Sisi Hu PDF The "figuring world" of Blackness negotiated through rap music, Jovan Hendrix Johnson PDF Framing China's National Image through Film: Chinese Political Films in the 1980s and the 2000s, Ruiqi Lin PDF Death in the age of eternity: How Facebook users cope with personal loss, Eric Palmer Meyer PDF Use of animated videos through mobile phones to enhance agricultural knowledge among bean farmers in Gurue District Mozambique, Sostino J.Mocumbe PDF Epidemic and risk communication: an analysis of strategic and graphic characteristics of infographics, Haejung Shin PDF A content analysis of guilt appeals in animal welfare campaigns, Tianxin Wen PDF Is it funny because it's not true?For enough material to fill a whole dissertation, consider some of the following topics, or use them to inspire you for your own.A lot of magazine, newspaper, and web articles seem more aimed at the advertisers than the readers.Explore ways that quality news can be obtained via affordable methods, and lay emphasis on how people can play a role in this process.The line between the truth and ethics has always been a thin one.The influence of message and source factors in online word-of-mouth messages, Xiaowen Zhu PDF A qualitative look at middle SES preschoolers: media consumption and social behaviors, Jaime S.Bell PDF Effects of typographic variables on attitude measures in reading bilingual brands, Ran Bi PDF Sourcing and Framing the 2012 Battle for the White House: A Student Media Analysis, Aimee Burch PDF Anorexia prevention messages: effects on psychological reactance among female college students, Min Sun Kim PDF Cross-cultural differences between American and Chinese college students on self-disclosure on social media, Shan Luo PDF Risk perception of food safety and behavioral intentions to read food safety labels, Weiwei Miao PDF Individual rights and government control: A qualitative study of China's censorship, Di Pei PDF Asking the players: a mental models approach to how long-term players of a massively multiplayer online game perceive the risks associated with gaming, Sarani Rangarajan PDF The Effect of self-censorship on news credibility: public's perception of Hong Kong newspapers after the 1997 Handover, Yuwei Sun PDF Framing food safety controversy in China: Online media vs.However, it is not always the same thing to analyze and innovate.It might get a bit difficult for you to come up with an idea for your dissertation.


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