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Nothing can ultimately exist or be that fails to comply with these principles.

The nature of reality is such that (1) something cannot be and not-be at the same time and in the same respect; (2) something either exists or does not exist at a given time and in a given respect; and (3) something is what it is at a given time and in a given respect (34).

Every event, action, and character serves both dramatic and philosophical purposes. Rand’s emblematic characters have all irrelevancies and accidents removed.

Rand probes each character’s motives, connects a set of personal traits to each character’s motivation, and integrates the actions of the characters with their motivation and character traits.

She tied everything to for its “totalism”; that very coherence is, of course, one of the book’s greatest strengths.

The consonance between theme and plot, the congruity between character and action, create a symmetry and a unity of purpose and achievement that have rarely been duplicated. Rand had always seen the plot of a novel, its story, as a structured totality: ‘A STORY IS AN END IN ITSELF,’ she wrote to one correspondent.

It launched a philosophical movement that has been nothing less than revolutionary in its implications. It is a moral defense of capitalism, political parable, social commentary, science fiction tale, mystery story, love story, and more.

The further and deeper a person studies , the more he will be able to appreciate how these multiple approaches to plot enrich one another.

This is followed by an examination of Rand’s techniques of characterization and character development as displayed in is an achievement of intricate structural composition and integration.

The titles of its three major sections pay tribute to Aristotle, correspond to his basic philosophical axioms, and accomplish a thematic goal by implying something regarding the meaning of the events and actions in the respective sections of the novel.


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