Japanese History Essay

Japanese History Essay-88
In the 1950s which is considered the Golden Age of Japanese cinema.

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The 1990s saw the reversal of this trend and the introduction of the Multiplex in Japan.

In the 2000s the number of movies being shown in Japan steadily started to increase, with about 821 films released in 2006.

Anime which is Japanese animation and has become a massive boon in the Japanese film industry accounting for almost as much as 60% of productions and then Mecha Science fiction and Cyberpunk.

Moving on to the core of my essay the film I picked out and arguably being one of Japanese cinemas most important globally successful and iconic films, Godzilla.

The same year, Ishirō Honda released the anti-nuclear horror film Gojira, which was translated in the English as Godzilla.

Though it was severely edited for its Western release, Godzilla became an international icon of Japan and spawned an entire new genre in Japanses film known as Kaiju films which were basically monster movies.

In 1908, Shōzō Makino, considered the pioneer director of Japanese cinema, started his influential career with Honnōji gassen, produced for Yokota Shōkai.

Shōzō then cast Matsunosuke Onoe, a former kabuki actor, to star in his work.

The 1990s and 2000s are considered to be “Japanese Cinema’s Second Golden Age”, due to the immense popularity of anime, both within Japan and overseas.

In anime, Hayao Miyazaki directed Spirited Away in 2001, breaking Japanese box office records and winning several awards, followed by Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyo in 20.


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