Japanese American Citizens League Research Paper

1948: JACL helps found the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, forming a coalition of the major civil rights organizations in the nation. 1948: JACL is successful in urging passage of legislation to allow citizenship to aliens serving in the Armed Services during World War I and II.

1948: JACL backs a bill, signed by President Harry Truman, to prevent the deportation of “treaty merchants” who lost the right to reside in the United States at the outbreak of war.

1946: The California Supreme Court upholds the escheat of the Oyama property, after the Oyamas were displaced and forced into internment camps during WWII.

1946: JACL campaigns against Proposition 15 in California to incorporate the Alien Land Law into the State Constitution. 1946: First Post War National JACL Convention is held in Denver, Colorado.

1947: JACL succeeds in amending the Soldier Brides Act to admit Japanese wives of U. 1947: President’s Committee on Civil Rights recommends passage of evacuation claims and naturalization legislation. Supreme Court reverses the California Court’s decision in favor of Fred Oyama, stating that the application of the Alien Land Law in this case deprived him of his constitutional rights.

1947: JACL organizes efforts which successfully repeal the Alien Land Law in the State of Utah. 1948: The Evacuation Claims Act is passed by Congress to allow token compensation to Japanese Americans for losses suffered due to wartime internment.1931: JACL advocates amendment of Cable Act and restores American citizenship to American women of Japanese ancestry married to Japanese nationals.Suma Sugi lobbies the bill on behalf of the JACL, which is signed into law on Girl’s Day by President Hoover. 1936: JACL Endowment Fund is established to provide a funding source for programs for Americans of Japanese Ancestry (AJA).1948: JACL is joined by a number of organizations, including the NAACP, in the Takahashi case, which rules that the California Fish and Game Commission’s denial of a commercial fishing license to Japanese is unconstitutional.1949: A JACL supported bill to provide naturalization to alien residents in the United States was passed by the Congress, but vetoed by President Truman.1944: JACL files an amicus legal brief in the Korematsu v.United States case before the United States Supreme Court, testing the constitutionality of the military orders calling for the removal of Japanese Americans from their West Coast homes.1952: California Supreme Court finds the Alien Land Law violation of the state and Federal Constitution. 1953: Earl Warren names John Aiso to a Municipal Court Bench in Los Angeles.1952: Passage Walter-Mc Carran Immigration and Nationality Act eliminated racial barrier to immigration and citizenship. Previously, Aiso was the highest ranking Japanese American in WWII, serving as a Lieutenant Colonel.1943: The volunteer, all Nisei 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team is formed on Jan. It becomes the most highly decorated unit in American military history.1943: JACL Credit Union is formed to provide loans for Japanese Americans for resettlement.


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