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And Lefroy’s family “rejected” the potential bride.

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Interesting fact: “Pride and Prejudice” is considered by many as a satire on women who really want to get married. But Austin herself was worried that her work was not serious enough: “The book is too light, bright and sparkling.” But the image of Elizabeth Bennett completely satisfied the writer, and she was very proud of the heroine.

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Selecting a good topic is the first step to writing a good essay.In Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, Austen does a magnificent job at poking fun of the society in which the novel takes place through sarcastic remarks and witty satire.The title of Jane Austen's novel plays a great role in the plot, it masterly illustrates the emotions that most of the characters go through.In the early 1800s, every self-respecting person knew that Darcy was derived from the French surname D’Arcy (Arcy is a village in France), which the Normans, led by William the Conqueror, had brought, and was received by an ancient family of peers.Lydia’s escape with Wickham is one of the most bitter events her parents had to go through.This prejudice that Elizabeth has for Darcy is based on their first impression, which clouds her judgment when she meets George Wickham. Wickham learns about her prejudice against Darcy and uses it against her in a story of Darcy's deceit. Although Elizabeth has no true evidence that this story is true she believes every word of it. - Jane Austen combines the theme of irony with satire and drama in Pride and Prejudice to emphasize the overall basic plot of the story.Essentially, the positions and stances the characters hold on the issues on family, marriage, and love, change throughout the book, differing from the previous expectations seen at the beginning of the novel for each individual character. Bennet holds on the idea of a happy marriage at the beginning of the novel, and then at the end, after many relationships developed, how everything ironically turns out....Darcy, are affected by pride and prejudice and how it influences their decisions. Darcy have is at the ball which sets the tone for the whole novel.Charles Bingley Suggests to Darcy that he should dance with Elizabeth, and Darcy replies, "She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me" (Austen 8).


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