Jane Addams Thesis

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She is wrecking havoc in the sewing-trades, because with the meager equipment sufficient for family life she has entered industrial life (Addams 57).

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An American pragmatist and feminist, Hull-House founder Jane Addams (1860-1935) came of age in time of increasing tensions and division between segments of the American society, a division that was reflected in debates about educational reform.

In the midst of this diversity, Addams saw the profoundly interdependent nature of all social and political interaction, and she aligned her efforts to support, emphasize and increase this interdependence.

She must supplement her family conscience by a social and an industrial conscience.

She must widen her family affection to embrace the children of the community.

Education was one of the ways she relied on to overcome class disparity, as well as to increase interaction between classes.

Her horses about the interdependent nature of living in a democracy provided a backdrop for her educational theory.

The “literal notion of brotherhood” demanded a beginning of universal kinship: “before this larger vision of life there can be no perception of “sides” and “battle array (Addams 64).

Labor unions became, in fact, the tools of capitalists by reducing their talks to single industry issues.

She felt that strikes and violence associated with the labor movement were destructive. She stated that, “They may struggle bravely together and destroy that which s harmful, but they cannot build up, associate or unite. The labor movement in America displays this mark of its youth and immaturity” (Addams 61 In the same tone, she believed that the working class and capitalists were not warring classes, but part of the same democratic society.

The character of American unions was predicted by Addams to be limited and disappointing.


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