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As a result, the species declined over the past 4 y, during which tens of thousands of elephants have been killed annually across the continent. Illegal wildlife trade has reached alarming levels globally, extirpating populations of commercially valuable species.As a driver of biodiversity loss, quantifying illegal harvest is essential for conservation and sociopolitical affairs but notoriously difficult.To make things really easy and convenient for you, we even have our own Price Calculator that is simple and easy to use.

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Prices can be found for Statistical, SPSS, and other services on individual basis.It is best to use this standard outline at an initial point for the dissertation.Of course, with more references, or requiring an extended outline, the cost will change accordingly.At the intensively monitored site, illegal killing increased markedly after 2008 and was correlated strongly with the local black market ivory price and increased seizures of ivory destined for China.More broadly, results from application to continental data indicated illegal killing levels were unsustainable for the species between 20, peaking to ∼8% in 2011 which extrapolates to ∼40,000 elephants illegally killed and a probable species reduction of ∼3% that year.As mentioned earlier, deadlines and urgency does have an effect on the costing.Therefore, we have potentially unlimited number of deadline alternatives so that each and every customer can plan their assignment keeping in mind their budget and selecting the deadline that suits the best to their needs.Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about Science.We attempt to address every customer's needs individually and make certain that you only pay for what you need and not a penny more.Applying a model based on field census of carcasses, to our knowledge we provide the first detailed assessment of African elephant illegal killing rates at population, regional, and continental scales.Illegal harvest for commercial trade in ivory has recently surged, coinciding with increases in illegal ivory seizures and black market ivory prices.


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