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Mackenzie Cooper received an AB in English at Stanford University.

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Homework is a supplement to class material and is often a part of your childs grade.

Homework is a way for the student to begin learning at their own pace while involving their parents in the process if desired.

It will also tend to alleviate any pre-test stressing. These can be composed of lists of important dates, equations, concepts, or vocabulary.

They may be more detailed, with key example problems and questions copied out of a textbook or class notes in a way that makes sense to your child.

Especially in upper level education, they both mean essentially the same thing -- learning and preparing for school done outside of class time.

But there are some important differences in what they mean to your child and how they should be approached.

(College classes are often a shock to freshman, in that they may present material just a single time, and expect the students to learn it).

Homework typically repeats what your child learned in school to help reinforce concepts.

Repetitive exercises are often the best way to learn new vocabulary words or to utilize a new math idea.

For some kids, this repetition amounts to a lot of busy work.


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