Is Technology Ruining Our Lives Essay

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The difference between him and I, is that I once knew a life without all of this technology that plays such a significant role in his life.Now if we are talking about the programs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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It has helped with the advancements of numerous industries as well as provided us with hours and hours of zombie killing in the Call of Duty series.By this time we had a Nintendo 64 and a computer in the house.While growing up I started to play a lot of video games and computer games and the same can be said for my brother.Growing up I didn't have a lot technology in my house.It would be early two thousands that we actually got a computer.But let me start by saying you have grasped about 50% of what really is technology. Technology is defied as anything that will make your life easier. To kill masses of people and destroy at a very fast rate.Most technology that is made is successful(not necessarily in the markets ) , and what those can be made into is at most disturbing.We are starting to see the rise of tablets in our school systems.In most schools that I have worked in, instead of taking students to the computer lab, a cart of i Pads are wheeled right into the class so that students can work right from their desks'.But I think that these people do not understand how to fully use technology to its full potential.A lot of good things do come from technology; and more specifically from the people who are connected to them.


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