Is A Good Education A Right Or A Privilege Essay

Is A Good Education A Right Or A Privilege Essay-24
This is an international declaration that ALL countries need to uphold. It seems that in this country, only the privileged get a good education.

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Girls are trafficked for sex, bodies moving across borders, bodies passed around by sexual deviants. Our girls, our children have a right to an education and we, as the world, need to start upholding this right.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was not written just to use paper. We even need to hold the United States accountable.

However, people often do not see how these global goals can be translated to local realities.

The media plays a key role in forming opinion, helping to ensure that citizens and politicians alike recognise that there is no room for complacency in tackling the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to education (hereafter, MDGs on Education). On the other hand, what would happen if by 2015, the MDGs were not met? Link the MDGs on Education to other targets, such as nutrition, health, and gender equality The MDGs should not be seen in isolation, but as part of a series of targets that are interrelated.

Is it necessary to increase public spending on education in order to meet the targets? Journalists’ coverage of education issues must make all citizens (including the private sector) aware of the importance of meeting their fiscal responsibilities if they want to live in a better-educated and more-developed nation. Targets should be approached qualitatively as well as quantitatively Progress achieved should not only be measured in terms of how many more children are enrolled in primary school.

If the number of children enrolled increases, but the education services are of poor quality and the country’s educational infrastructure has not expanded in order to meet the increasing demand, the gap will remain.

“More Guatemalan children are attending school, but the quality of the education they receive is deficient.

To what extent are children and young people really learning? In many countries, teachers are badly trained, and few have reached higher education themselves. How does the training they receive compare with that of other countries?

Girls sometimes miss up to a week of school a month when they start menstruating, that is if these girls are allowed to continue school once they start menstruating.

Girls are married off to strangers and old men for money. This is terror against our girls and it needs to stop. While I understand that fully, I am not addressing that right now.


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