Ipv6 Address Assignment

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IPAM tools are important in IPv6 as networks have larger address pools, different subnetting techniques, and more complex 128-bit hexadecimal numbers.Summary of Proposal: Policy Document to be Affected: afpol-v6200407-000 This policy modification is intended to provide a solution for the lengthy discussions that have taken place in the different regions regarding existing IPv6 Policies.It also takes account of the changes that have already taken place in other Regional Internet Registry (RIR) service regions.We describe our implementation and present first results of its application to millions of real IPv6 client addresses active over a week's time, demonstrating both feasibility at large scale and ability to automatically adapt to each network's address assignment practice and synthesize a set of anonymous aggregates (prefixes), each of which is guaranteed to cover (contain) at least k of the active addresses.Each address is anonymized by truncating it to the length of its longest matching prefix in that set.My issue is that I'm converting IP Addresses from integers on python.Acknowledgments: I would like to acknowledge all those who have contributed during many years, to the discussion of the modifications to the existing policy suggested by this proposal.The LIR should also plan to announce the allocation as a single aggregated block in the inter-domain routing system within twelve months.Other text to be deleted from afpol-v6200407-000: 5.4.2.Note this important article from ERNW on security aspects of some commercial IPAM packages: Evaluation of (Security-related) IPv6 Capabilities of Commercial IPAM Solutions.Privacy-minded Internet service operators anonymize IPv6 addresses by truncating them to a fixed length, perhaps due to long-standing use of this technique with IPv4 and a belief that it's "good enough." We claim that simple anonymization by truncation is suspect since it does not entail privacy guarantees nor does it take into account some common address assignment practices observed today.


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