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Customer service is essential and vital to the success of a company because if people see the customer service as lacking, this can also translate to its products. This starts a chain reaction of affects – without customer service, customers view the product Quality control is the systematic process of ensuring that all goods and services offered by a business meet or exceed the standards identified as necessary to attract, satisfy, and retain customers.This ongoing process of quality assessment and refinement helps companies to remain competitive over the long-term, as well as ensuring that the company has a reputation for providing customers with goods and services that are high in quality.In my opinion the aspect of quality assurance that is most important is safety, this falls in the range of focusing on the patient or putting focus on the system or even the processes that are in place.

In simplest word, under TQM the company continually strives to be better through learning and problem solving. Recommendation/Analysis -Philosophy, Culture and Strategy 9 VI. Recommendation/Analysis – Total Quality Management 15 IX. The company, philosophy is to provide excellent products and Quality Management: Signing Off on a Substandard Product Our lives, mainly because of varying decisions and outcome are challenging enough to trial our ethics as an individual or a business.With a solid quality assurance program I know that a hospital will be able to save even more money and resources by avoiding law suits that arise from malpractice.I would base my argument on areas such as communication, situational awareness and the importance of quality patient care.Focusing on the client does not only cover the patients but the employees as well.It is important that after gathering the information from the patients the facility begins to focus their attention on how to prepare treatment needs specifically for those patients. a) The foundation of modern quality management is that the customer is the main judge of quality. The absence of defects is a given rather than a source of competitive advantage.I would like to thank my Module Instructor “Sir Naqi Shah” for his valuable guidance and advice throughout this project.Without his superior knowledge and experience, the Project would not pursue in a quality of outcomes.Problem Statement Serious manufacturer's defects started to arise in the early 1990’s and became a main focus in the early 2000’s. The main thought behind this model is to reduce variation in the organization process.This reduction in variation will produce a uniform product.


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