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*This lecture was presented at Chung Ang University in Seoul, South Korea in November 2018. Heintz explains how to organize and compose a research manuscript that will get your study published in top journals.Even researchers whose first language is English must learn some specific rules and follow some standard conventions when writing research papers.The reason for this is because you will not be changing or adding to these sections after you have evaluated your research—they represent the core data of your study.

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Let’s first look briefly at what each section does and then discuss how to organize and compose your work.

*Discusses the problem to be solved (purpose statement) *Describes where your research fits into the current science (background and context) *Uses primary literature with citations and summarizes the current understanding of the problem (“literature review”) *Write it last—after the conclusion and before the title and abstract *Tells how you did the study—what materials and methods of research and analysis were used.

One trusted method of writing the results is addressing specific research questions presented in the figures.

Within each research question, present the type of data that addresses that research question.

The information moves from broad to specific to broad again as seen in this diagram, the Introduction and Discussion taking up the most room in your paper and the Methods and Results usually being the shortest ad most focused sections.

However, the order in which you write your paper will not be the same as the final order of the information.

We won’t go into the details of how to prepare these here, but in the Results section we will go over how to write captions for the figures based on the data and research questions.

For a detailed explanation of preparing and formatting figures, check out these sites (every journal will have their own formatting guidelines): Write the Results in the same order as you wrote your Methods.

It requires more than a simply analysis—you have to interpret and “sell” your data to the journal and researchers, explaining just how important your findings are.

In fact, many manuscripts are rejected because the Discussion section is weak.


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