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In a Masters thesis, is “Introduction” the name of Chapter 1?Does it refer to the entire Chapter 1 or is it a subheading inside Chapter 1 which has its own body like the Rationale and Statement of the Problem?

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However, if you choose to use more creative names, make sure they are not very informal.

The introduction can be a separate chapter that gives an overview of the whole thesis, and it can be followed by other chapters about the Background of the study, Literature review, etc.

Alternatively, it can be a large chapter with subsections such as Background, Literature Review, Statement of the problem, etc.

Here are a couple of articles that explain how to write the introduction of a thesis: However, these is no strict format and every field has a different preference.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to discuss this briefly with your supervisor or senior colleagues before you start writing.

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chapters of a thesis first, then they dive into the main body text afterwards.If you prepare your introduction, abstract, and summary following these basic principles, then you should have a worthwhile product for your own professor to review and comment upon.Sorry – but examples are so subject specific that it is not really practical to do that.Typically you would have a paragraph or two for each chapter or major subsection. It’s important to keep in mind that some universities put very stringent length restriction on theses Abstracts, which makes them even harder to write.If you are faced with this challenge, don’t deal with it by leaving out your results and conclusions.In my next post, I will give some advice on that most dreaded of all chapters – the That’s difficult to say – this advice is for scientific/engineering reports and theses.Some of the general principles may still apply to your case, but beyond that, I can’t say as I have not dealt with school projects.chapter would be~3 to 5 pages long (double spaced).It would generally be longer in a large Ph D thesis.This means that you have to be particularly careful in wording these sections, since there is some content overlap.If you just copy and paste text between them, people will notice and it won’t leave them with a very favourable impression.


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