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We might show him how to draw his golf club back before he makes contact with the ball.But what if instead we try to determine why Toby hits the ball in this way.

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We suggest you visit Wondering with Children: The Importance of Observation in Early Education George Forman & Ellen Hall Videatives, Inc.

Amherst, Massachusetts This paper asserts that through the process of observation, documentation, and interpretation of children's goals, strategies, and theories, teachers gain insight into children's thinking.

In time, the child will comprehend the meaning of the verbs that describe his actions and will learn to reflect on those actions.

And eventually his ability to reflect will help him "repair" his misunderstandings or theories about how things work or how to make a desired effect occur.

As a result of this process, teachers are better able to engage children in conversations and investigations that have the potential to extend their learning in both depth and breadth.

Utilizing brief video clips of both children and adults to support its premise, the paper outlines and discusses relevant aspects of observation for understanding and introduces the concept of the videative as a powerful resource for revisiting and analyzing documented observations.

It is reasonable to place my golf club on the ball and shovel it forward because I know that the club has to make contact with the ball in order for it to move.

So, I place the club in contact with the ball and push it ahead.” What implications does this approach to observation have for our conversations with young children?

What theory does he hold that makes his strategy reasonable to him?

We can speculate that Toby is thinking, “Why would I draw the golf club backward if I want to make the ball go forward?


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