International Sports Events Essay

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In other words it can be stated that due to the infrastructure development unemployment can be reduced to some extent.

For instance, according to the statistics, due to the Olympic Games in Barcelona at least 88,7 per cent decline in unemployment was registered from 1986-1992 (Brunet, 2005, p. In addition, there is another long-term positive impact of investment on local economy.

Regarding an infrastructure development, this may lead to the technological progress and better productivity in the economy of host country.

As for construction sector, which include sporting venues, accommodation for participants and facilities for officials and the media, it is also expected to be very beneficial, as it is likely to provide new additional workplaces during the pre-event phase of the competition.

As a result, tourism as well as infrastructure development promote job creation, because a lot of markets, hotels, entertainment facilities like night clubs etc.

are most likely to be created for the foreign visitors.During the ‘mega sport event’ millions of people are able to go to the hosting country to watch it.Also they can purchase hotel rooms, meals, drinks, transportation, tickets on the games or matches etc.Nowadays ‘mega sports events’, like Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup are supposed to be large tourism destinations, as they attract a major number of people.Therefore millions of people from all over the world tend to attend them every time they are held.Baade and Matheson (2004) state, that hosting such event requires large amounts of expenditure on the infrastructure as well as on security (as cited in Maassoume Barghchi, Dasimah bt. Matos (2006) distinguishes three main benefits of such events, which are called ‘holy trinity of mega events benefits’, namely economic growth, infrastructure legacies and image promotion; economic benefits are responsible for justifying ‘mega event’, covering all the investments and expenditures (as cited in Florek, Breitbarth, & Conejo, year, p. As far as ‘mega event’ is justified, it can be considered as a successful ‘mega event’.Sydney Olympic Games, which was held in the year 2000, can be a good example of a successful event.Some of them are known as Major International Sports Events or ‘mega sports events’. Obviously, the reason for this is that ‘mega sporting events’ may bring a major number of short-term and long-term economic benefits to the hosting area.Examples of such competitions are Olympic Games, Football World Cup, Commonwealth Games and some other International Championships. The number of countries and cities that want to host these kinds of sport competitions is increasing (Milena M. It is known that hosting a ‘mega sporting event’ is extremely costly. However, there are a range of positive effects including economic effects that ‘mega sporting event’ can bring to the hosting area.Morphet (1996) has affirmed that media is very essential part of promoting the host are as a tourism destination (as cited in Malfas, Theodoraki, & Houlihan, 2004 p. The reason for that are media-related advertisements and commercials can attract not only tourists, but also foreign sponsorships and investment.This, in turn, is very beneficial for the economy of the hosting country.


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