International Adoption Essay

In fact, one may argue that this recent publicity surrounding international adoption has simplified it to a mere act of goodwill in the minds of the public—common is the notion that being adopted is a “happy ending” in itself.

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At the same time, adoption is a real issue in our lives.

Our kids weren't babies when we signed on to become their second parents, and it took time, patience, and commitment to turn a collection of nervous strangers into a loving family.

In recent years, international adoption has been brought to the spotlight through the media, as well-known celebrities Angelina Jolie (together with her husband Brad Pitt) and Madonna publicized their adoptions of children from less developed nations, and various filmmakers have undertaken documenting the lives of adoptees.

Yet much of the public remains unaware of the multiple challenges that international adoptees face.

While watching this film helped me to better understand the experiences of international adoption in a family, it also raised many questions for me: Will Faith struggle with her sense of identity and belonging as she grows older?

Will she ever feel truly American, or truly Chinese? International adoption is a burgeoning phenomenon today: Since 1991, over 70,000 Chinese children have been adopted in America; worldwide, more than 250,000 children live with adoptive parents outside the nation of their birth.

” director Stephanie Wang-Breal asks young Faith in the closing scene of , a documentary that chronicles Faith’s journey of adoption.

Born in China but adopted by an American family when she was eight, Faith (Sui Yong) initially struggled with living in her new home and was reluctant to learn the English language.

However, with education, hard work, and desire, adoptive families and children make it through the grand process and become the family that they dreamed of being for so long.

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