Interesting Adjectives For Creative Writing

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Of course, unless we’re showing the dog as it is experienced from an alien mind who’s just starting to put together his or her own schema about dogs.

Or if such core features aren’t met: In the examples above adjectives describe aspects that don’t pertain to core features. Indeed, if in the above sentence we have decided to use big and black only because both words begin with b–and in first drafts this can happen fairly often–we have just abused our own prose.

Then, besides this core there’s a vast and pretty differentiated set of other features. For example, we can start noticing how nobody uses adjectives to describe core features.

I mean, is obviously an absurd way to describe a dog.

Not because the sentence is inherently weak, or because a dog can’t be big and black.

Quite simply, because adjectives, like any other word in fiction, should add value to the story.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams once asked his readers to pick one word to describe themselves.

Looking at the results, he made an interesting discovery. Good 👍 However, if you're now tempted to go off with this list and rewrite your resume, adding in as many positive, empowering adjectives as you can, please don't. Instead, use action verbs instead to give your resume more punch.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and for a very simple reason.

When we humans first learn to speak, we slowly but surely learn to speak while at the same time putting together a staggering amount of information about how the world around us is and works.


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