Intelligence Includes Critical Thinking

Early on, in describing these aptitudes Sternberg keyed in on our methods of mental self‑government, as well as how we balance and use them situationally.

NY: Viking Press.) Metacomponent subtheories: Componential intelligence (later know as analytical intelligence) This is the traditional notion of intelligence and includes: Initially mental self‑government included 5 separate but interactive categories ‑ function, scope, form, plus levels and leanings.

Sternberg was at Yale University when he developed a concept of intelligence that equates to combinations of individual preferences from three levels of mental self-management.

Some of his other views are just as surprising as he sees intelligence as the ability to cope with novelty and the purposeful adaptation to, selection of, and the shaping of real‑world environments relevant to one’s life and abilities.

On the surface many of Sternberg’s descriptions appear to equate to some of the aspects of personality type theory.

These three areas correspond with: Examples: As a combination a person might prefer legislative functions, internal variables and hierarchical habits of mental self-government; while another individual might prefer executive functions; external variables and anarchic habits of mental self-government, and so forth. Functions of Sternberg’s discussions on intelligence are very different from a lot of others because he appears to think that other than a static score, intelligence is somewhat malleable and should take into consideration things like culture, gender, age, parenting style, personality, and schooling.

Intelligence Includes Critical Thinking Jane Eyre Social Class Thesis

In this context, intelligence can be manipulated by ones contexts and experiences and it might even be improved with practice.

Each kids activity bundle created at Teaching Thinking Minds will incorporate all three of these aspects as well as traditional activities such as gross motor, fine motor and pretend play activities.

A well-rounded child is a happy child and in the end, as parents aren’t this what we want most for our children.

While I confess I am intrigued by many alternative definitions of intelligence, what initially fascinated me about Dr.

Over the course of his career Sternberg seems to be intrigued by the ways different people actually use their intelligence — the interplay of the varied “metacomponents.” He contends that what makes the difference in determining if one is smart depends on how folks use and balance their mental aptitudes.


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