Intellectual Property Dissertations

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A thesis or dissertation containing previously published material of which the candidate is the author and/or co-author should also contain a review of the literature that adequately explains the relationship to the literature of the work undertaken.

In addition, it should contain a rationale for the study.

The doctoral dissertation must embody original work conducted while in program, and must constitute a significant contribution to knowledge.

It should contain evidence of critical understanding of the relevant literature.

A false representation or failure to make a disclosure as outlined above is an academic offence and renders the thesis or dissertation ineligible for consideration of the relevant degree.

[ Top ] The general form and style of a thesis/dissertation may differ from program to program, but a thesis/dissertation should be a coherent work.Where there has been collaboration with others in the collection or preparation of data, materials, or documentation included in the thesis or dissertation, then appropriate acknowledgment must be made in the thesis or dissertation.If a thesis or dissertation – or any part thereof – has been published prior to submission of the thesis/dissertation, then the candidate must disclose this fact in a signed written statement, and the supervisor must approve in writing the inclusion of such work in the thesis or dissertation.A complex electronic thesis/dissertation is a work with a high reliance on slides, film or videos, electronically interactive word/image-based text on CD-ROM or the internet.For complex electronic theses/dissertations, part of the work can be produced in traditional written form, but key elements of the work depend on direct experience with or interaction with a text whose physical form may be changed as a consequence of the interaction.If such is not the case, then the student must indicate in a signed, written statement what part of the thesis or dissertation is solely his or her own or co-authored.If co-authored, the candidate must provide an account of its provenance.Master’s theses should demonstrate that the student is familiar with and has an acceptable understanding of the literature in the subject of the thesis; that appropriate research methods have been used; and that appropriate levels of critical analysis have been applied.The research embodied in the thesis should make some original contribution to knowledge in the field.A multimodal thesis/dissertation is a work in which the key component is a performance or piece of art.For multimodal theses/dissertations, part of the work can be produced in traditional written form, but key elements of the work depend on direct experience by the exam committee with, for example, displayed artworks or theatrical productions.


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