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The mindfulness group also demonstrated significant better performance than the control group, with a moderate effect size (Cohen’s d = .53) The authors claim that these are the first findings to demonstrate a direct relation between mindfulness and creativity.However, the mechanism of change is unknown, but it’s possible that mindfulness aids in solving insight problems due to their nonverbal nature.

Even when controlling for positive affect mindfulness still emerged as a significant predictor of insight problem solving.

These are problems that typically generate an eureka effect (a sudden “aha! They often require the testee to think outside the box in order to solve the problem.

A classic insight problem is , where you are asked to connect 9 dots using only 4 straight lines These problems require more incremental problem solving skills and can often be aided by past experiences.

As an avid practitioner of mindfulness meditation I feel that there is some face validity to their conclusion, even in the light of the study's apparent weaknesses.

It would be very interesting to see a randomized controlled trail with participants who undergo an 8 week structured mindfulness training compared to either a wait list control or a placebo control.


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