Innovative Problem Solving

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Based on the latest thinking and best practice used in problem solving, the course ends by providing you with a reporting template designed to secure senior management and stakeholder endorsement for change.

If the answer is 'yes', then this workshop is for you.

It will encourage you to resolve workplace problems by dispensing with the traditional theory, and focus on innovation and creativity to get results.

In today’s rapidly-changing business world, if you aren’t continuously searching for new, innovative ways to disrupt your own business… But no matter how committed you might be to innovation, if the people actually doing the work aren’t thinking and performing like innovators every day, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your innovation goals.

Smart Storming transforms your team’s thinking, their way of working, and their approach to collaboration—so that they no longer just “do their job,” but are consistently developing new, better, more innovative ways of delivering value.

So what can we do to overcome those biases and boost our creative problem skills? Doing so will then encourage you to find tools, techniques and tricks to overcome those biases and increase your problem solving skills, some are listed below. Framing matters, so it is not a surprise to us that 10 out of the 26 Positioning-Roulette approaches to brand positioning focus on the frame of reference and re-framing the brand (that’s almost 40% of all potential approaches).

Re-framing the problem or looking for solutions from various perspective (or adjacent fields) is a great way to overcome some of the mental biases that plague us.

In our experience the most effective “creativity techniques” use a two-step approach. Most people still don’t seem to realize that there is a method to creativity. One significant benefit of a more methodic approach is that it helps drive and guide the idea finding process and thus helps overcome the biases and limitations mentioned above.

The first step usually consists in moving away from the problem to facilitate new ideas, the second step then consists in translating those ideas back into solutions that could solve the original problem. This is where tools like Positioning-Roulette come into play.

A simple way to start is to practice empathy with your significant other.

You’ll find this improves not only your ability to be creative but also your relationship! Promote diversity of point of views- avoid groupthink.


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