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Every town, city, and state have fascinating but rarely known facts, which may be omitted even by locals.

If you have many sources, then you can quickly get the hottest facts and put them into your paper.

I think it is unfair to assume that high school essays are more relaxed than college ones.

For example, students of the past were not allowed to write on the paper in order to save it, and instead of disciplinary proceedings, they were punished with birch sticks stored in salty water 😯It is a controversial but engaging topic where you will compare your school with institutions of other districts, cities, states, and countries, and find things that one can never see elsewhere.

It may be as little as lockers’ color, or as big as festivals.

If you are reading this, then you want your essay to be original, but not too long or hard to research.

Thankfully, there is a list of topics that are easy and exciting, and fill fit both high school and college English classes.

While undergraduate students usually get narrow topics and assignments, people at schools receive great freedom in topic choice.

They need to be creative — and creativeness is the most laborious task in any writing.

I have created a checklist that helps to understand whether the topic is interesting.

Your informative essay will suffer if your argument fits any of the following criteria. You tutor assigned you one, and you want to make it original? Here go a couple of tricks that will turn even the most boring or controversial topic into a great subject for the informative essay.


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