Influence Of Market Research On Strategic Management Paper

It will allow them to understand the need for strategic management of innovation and technology within an organization as well as offer suggestions for dealing with the problems that emerge concerning innovation and technical challenges.Efficient management of innovation and technology in an organization will assist when it comes to identifying the opportunities worth innovation and technological change, thus facilitate in boosting the competitiveness and relevance of agencies in the marketplace.

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However, it is crucial to note that sustainable development cannot take place without sufficient technological innovation.

Hence, it is vital for organizations to change the ways they operate as well as alter the products and services they offer (Tseng, 2014, p. They should support experimentation, constant environment monitoring, evaluate their performance, and remain committed toward improving performance on a continuous basis to allow them to manage innovation and technology since the process is complicated and revolves around diverse aspects.

In any institution, the process of introducing technological innovation poses various problems to the management as opposed to the work that proficient project administration undertakes.

Nevertheless, the managers endowed with the duty of directing methodical innovation to routine need sufficient experience and education to allow them to guide the process of innovation development unlike in the case of managing the implementation process (Chegani, 2016, p. Furthermore, the existing organizational dynamics demand that firms change in a radical and incremental manner.

Here, even though technology plays a significant role in boosting the innovation process, extreme technology can hinder innovation through standardizing the current processes and workflows. 46) argues that the competitive position within an organization depends on the ways through which an organization manages its technological resources. 928) supports the idea that firms differ since their competencies differ depending on the technologies they adopt. It is possible for a company to utilize existing technology to allow is realize competitive advantage through the establishment of barriers that hinder rivals from entering the market, such as through the introduction of new technological processes or novel products for attracting clients, or altering the industry competition rules. 17) adds that technology creation and application might serve as a primary driver for the success of a firm.

In the event of knowledge endowment asymmetries, technological heterogeneity emerges. While technology’s focus in the case of low technology firms is to use and boost innovation, technology in the event of high-tech companies focuses on vital forces that determine a company’s future success. 19), the growth that a business realizes might not take place via breakthrough improvements.Rather, it targets adopting innovative ways that assist in developing or integrating the current technologies to offer high value toward an organization. 930)Furthermore, in the standpoint of Tseng (2014, P.216), the technological choices companies make revolve around their technological strategies, such as plans that guide them in accumulating and deploying technical capabilities and resources. 47), different organizations do not think of strategy in a similar manner.Therefore, despite the growing importance associated with innovation as well as the role that technological capacities play within an organization’s trajectory growth, no sufficient information exists concerning the forces that make companies execute their innovation strategies differently.Hence, additional research is vital regarding determining how the different management styles that firms exercise promote innovation and technology incorporation.They highlight the need for laying emphasis on the diverse forces that support the effective acquisition, management, and application of knowledge and skills that support innovation within an organization. 214) adds that it would be possible to manage change knowledge within an organization indirectly by focusing on various forces that contribute to a firm’s structure, culture, leadership, and technology. 982) reveals that out of the forces that influence innovation management within an organization, laying emphasis on technological changes serves as one of the vital contributors towards coping with the turbulence prevailing in the marketplace.In this perspective, it would be possible to promote innovation through laying emphasis on explicit and tacit knowledge entrenched into these forces (Chegani, 2016, p. Technology acts as a form of intangible knowledge, which plays a crucial role in supporting the management of innovation within a company. 215) suggests that policies directed towards technology assist in reflecting an organization’s innovative attitude and the commitment it leads toward innovation. 115) reveal that strategic management within organizations serves as a dominant issue in the literature.You will be able to find sociology research paper, science research paper and latest research topics on finance etc.So pick any topic from the following list and start writing your high school research paper on any topic.In this sense, prepares itself adequately to cope with any emerging issues in its area of operation, thus allow it to attain a sustainable operational future.What processes should an organization follow to recognize its technology usage potential with the goal of addressing individual problems or while in need of fulfilling particular requirements in the market? 112) stipulates that significant research exists when it comes to affiliating innovation and technology with an organization’s knowledge base.


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