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The family was relatively wealthy and lived comfortably until 1960, when authorities discovered that Alvarez's father belonged to an underground effort to overthrow Trujillo's regime.[this novel is] as lovely as a butterfly at rest, and as moving as one in flight” ( (1994) is a work of historical fiction based on the lives of the four Mirabal sisters, who participated in underground efforts to topple Rafael Leonidas Trujillo's three-decade-long dictatorial regime in the Dominican Republic.Three of the sisters—Patria, Minerva, and María Teresa—were slain on Trujillo's orders on November 25, 1960.Her second novel, , is based on the real story of the four Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic, three of whom became symbols of resistance after being murdered at the order of the dictator Rafael Trujillo.“Rich in historical detail and immensely, hauntingly lyrical …Alvarez, her parents, and her three sisters made their home in a small apartment in New York City.Despite the racism of some classmates, Alvarez enjoyed learning English and credits the experience with helping her become a writer.As she explains, “Not understanding the language, I had to pay close attention to each word—great training for a writer.I also discovered the welcoming world of the imagination and books.” After high school, Alvarez earned her bachelor's degree from Middlebury College, and her master's degree in creative writing from Syracuse University.She had been teaching at Middlebury College for three years when her first novel, (1991), was published.The book received widespread acclaim and enabled her to pursue writing as a full-time career. Alvarez lives with her husband, Bill Eichner, in Vermont.


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