Importance Of Computer In Modern Age Essay

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Technological advancements in medicine have also helped extend lifespans and improve quality of life for people worldwide. The ability of computers to solve complex mathematical equations allows them to speed up any task requiring measurement or other calculations.

Computer modeling of physical effects can save time and money in any manufacturing situation, giving engineers the ability to simulate structures, vehicles or materials to provide primary data on performance before prototyping.

Computers have been part of this world for a very long time since 1936.

The first programmable computer that was made in 1936 was by Konrad Zuse.

The use of computers has been widely spread throughout the entire world.

Computers are now so advanced that they are being used for almost everything.Since the first computer was made technology has developed extremely.Computers have played an amazing role in our world.Modern technology has changed civilization in many different ways.Humans have almost always been on a path of progression, but thanks to technology, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have seen a number of advancements that revolutionized the way people work, live and play.Technology has also increased our connectivity, with cell phones and other devices providing an always-on link to the global communication network.Another area where computers and the Internet have become extremely important is in education.Long ago, communicating with people outside your immediate location was a difficult process, requiring communication by physical letter and a lot of patience.The Internet has made long distances almost transparent, allowing users to correspond with people on the other side of the planet in an instant.Computers can store large amounts of data in a very small space, reducing entire shelves of reference books down to a single CD of data.The Internet also serves as a massive resource for learning, linking informational sites together and allowing the curious to search for almost any topic imaginable.


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